Hyppo Teams up With F10 Alumni OperCredits to Offer Digital Mortgage for Swiss Expats

Hyppo Teams up With F10 Alumni OperCredits to Offer Digital Mortgage for Swiss Expats

by February 3, 2021

Hyppo.CH, a digital home financing portal for expats in Switzerland, has partnered with Oper Credits for a complete digital mortgage journey with increased accessibility to digital-savvy expats which will be available April onwards.

Keen Innovation AG, the external innovation lab of Basler Kantonalbank and Bank Cler had launched Hyppo.CH in 2020. Hyppo supports expats in navigating through the complex Swiss home buying and mortgage process.

Hyppo will expand its services further, allowing its users to request a mortgage through its website where BKB and Bank Cler will then process these applications in the background.

Hyppo initiative ties in with Oper Credits aim to reimagine the mortgage origination process by offering banks an out-of-the-box, white-labeled SaaS product that supports the mortgage process.

This includes digital client onboarding, document exchanges, e-signatures, and smart pricing and scoring.

Oper will provide Hyppo with its digital client portal allowing them to apply for a mortgage in a completely digital, mobile-first journey.

In parallel, Oper’s advisory portal will also capture leads and allows for efficient handling by client advisors enabling a hybrid process with human advisory interventions.

Thomas Leber Hyppo mortgage

Thomas Leber

Thomas Leber, CEO of Keen Innovation said,

“Given the digital readiness of most expats, we want to serve Hyppo.CH clients with a 100% digital journey. With Oper, we have a partner that brings a wealth of expertise in mortgage digitization and understands the complexity of the Swiss market.


This collaboration can act as a blueprint for future collaborations. This partnership will also mark the first 100% digital application flow for both Basler Kantonalbank and Bank Cler.”



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