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UBS: Bitcoin To Reach $ 200’000 Before Replacing Money

70% of changes in bitcoin price is mainly due to speculation. Bitcoin instability, structure, and its high volatility act as limitations to go mainstream analyst says. “Bitcoin is still too unstable.” A report sent to UBS clients underlines that crypto

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UBS Exec: Blockchain ‘The Biggest Disruptor Since The Internet’

Blockchain technology will cause major disruption in the enterprise stack, sparking a dramatic shift to distributed computing environments with the “value web” becoming a massive peer-to-peer network, according to UBS’s former Group CIO and Group Managing Director, Oliver Bussmann. Qualified

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UBS View on Blockchain

  How does it work today?   Building the trust engine: How blockchain can transform the financial industry   The industry gains benefits from blockchain   Watch the full video Download the blockchain white paper and the Crypto 2.0 Pathfinder

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