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Young millennial entrepreneur, Jean-Armand has been based in Switzerland for the past two years. His spark of interest in FinTech emerged from his professional experience and academia path spread in four of the five continents acquired during the last ten years.

The European Parliament Committee on EMA (Economic and Monetary Affairs) published last week a draft proposal mentioning the possibility to include Initial Coin Offerings in new crowdfunding regulation. ICOs in the European Parliament’s MEP radar After a legislative proposal drawn in March, it is now the turn for ICOs to be at the center of the EMA debate. Few days ago, a British Member of the European Parliament, Ashley Fox, drafted a report falling under the umbrella of the act entitled Legislative Proposal for an EU framework on crowd and peer to peer finance. Although ICOs were warmly welcome by…

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UBS Bitcoin needs to reach $ 200'000

70% of changes in bitcoin price is mainly due to speculation. Bitcoin instability, structure, and its high volatility act as limitations to go mainstream analyst says. “Bitcoin is still too unstable.” A report sent to UBS clients underlines that crypto enthusiasts shall still wait for quite some time before Nakamoto money could potentially replace normal money supply, coins or even travelers’ checks. To be precise, the study conducted by the Swiss bank UBS(CHF 915 Bio of assets under management and valued at CHF 58,89 Bio in 2017) mentions that the price need to hit nearly $ 213’000…while BTC price today…

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EPFL & Cryptography

When one of the most prominent Swiss research institutes ( starts reflecting upon Blockchain technology and practical aspects, the plethora of opportunities seems infinite. EPFL’s goal is to establish a digital guarantee of trust among several partners through e-voting system. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne & Center for Digital Trust Blockchain education has been a hot topic for the past few years but an important number of individuals still lack of resources in order to decipher the huge potential lying in this technology. To fill this gap, some of the most comprehensive courses in Switzerland are now available and include lectures…

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Crypto in Switzerland

Does it look like the first sign of exodus for crypto companies in the Confederation? It may not be the exact case although Switzerland may not keep its competitive advantage it used to have for the past few years. Crypto companies not entitled any more to open bank accounts It seems that a certain panic rose in the quiet and peaceful canton of Zug. Indeed, financial regulators are gathering their efforts after two important banks, namely Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) and another one have decided to stop their partnership with several companies active in the crypto industry last year. From a…

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