CV Labs Selects 9 Startups for the Fifth Batch of Its Blockchain Accelerator

CV Labs Selects 9 Startups for the Fifth Batch of Its Blockchain Accelerator

by March 29, 2023

CV Labs, the international ecosystem builder of blockchain venture capital firm CV VC, announced the fifth batch of its global blockchain business accelerator.

Nine startups were selected from over sixty countries for the Batch_05 based on the impact and utility that their solution will bring.

The CV Labs Accelerator provides each participant up to US$135,000 capital, access to other capital avenues, one-on-one mentorship, and customised growth hacks for blockchain entrepreneurs.

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Participants will also benefit from the infrastructure of the broader Crypto Valley ecosystem which is counted as the most mature blockchain hub globally with over 1000 entities operating within the most favorably regulated system. Many of them are located in CV Labs’ hi-spec office space.

The accelerator will operate for ten weeks from 27 March 2023 and will be held at the CV Labs accelerator space in Zug, Switzerland.

Tracy Trachsler

Tracy Trachsler

“The impact of blockchain is enormous, so it is inspirational to work with entrepreneurs who are focused on building solutions that provide a social as well as economic benefit.


Blockchain is wide open for innovators to have a major impact, and our proven accelerator provides founders a valuable opportunity and optimal conditions for growth.”

said Tracy Trachsler, MD Switzerland CV Labs,

Janis Aquilar

Janis Aquilar

“Here in Crypto Valley, the home of Ethereum, we have over 6000 people working in blockchain not only creating new financial models but better ways of interacting and transacting across multiple industries, generating greater efficiencies for society.


We are very excited about all participants and are honored that we will be joined by teams from Africa where the deeply transformative capacity of blockchain is palpable, daily”

said Janis Aquilar, Ecosystem Manager at CV Labs.

The following startups were selected for Batch_05:

 Ivory Pay (Nigeria)


Problem – cross-border payment in Africa is still one of the most expensive in the world. Costing an average of 8 to 10% of the value of each transaction

Solution – a payment gateway for African businesses that enables payment in stable crypto across borders at cheaper fees and without FX restrictions

Nyayomat (Kenya)


Problem – micro merchants need credit access to purchase products

Solution – working capital support technology through smart contracts executing transactions, enabling merchants to access product capital and repay partners as they make their sales

Web3 Sanctuary (South Africa)

web3 sanctuary

Problem – scarcity of skilled Web3 developers

Solution – online training platform to teach software developers how to code for Web3 applications and assist them in getting placed in Web3 developer roles

Fungies (Poland & USA)


Problem – game studios are focused on making games and don’t always have the resources to make their own storefront or marketplace

Solution – Shopify for the gaming industry that’s both Web2 and Web3 compatible

Zero-Code (Estonia)


Problem – Web3 has tremendous potential to build effective loyalty & rewards programs, but they are complex and expensive

Solution – a no-code platform with plug & play utilities to build Web3-enabled sites

Coala Pay (USA & Australia)


Problem – international aid money is lost before it gets to communities and there is no direct access to the most effective aid actors

Solution – make moving aid money simple, borderless, and programmable, and track the impact. Donors are connected directly to grassroots aid actors

Pyrpose (Switzerland)


Problem – lack of engaging climate solutions that ordinary citizens can access

Solution – a marketplace where SMEs and citizen investors can interact, transact and ensure large-scale solutions are funded. Use of regenerative finance where the citizen investor is able to reprogram their digital assets to go directly back into the marketplace and regenerate not only compound returns but also compound impact.

GalaxyX (USA)


Problem – developers and Web3 businesses struggle to measure activity on apps, websites, NFT platforms, and games using IPFS for their data storage

Solution – an easy-to-integrate platform/toolset for developers to produce anonymous metrics on IPFS/Filecoin data.

Colecti (Netherlands – sponsored by Lisk)


Problem – NFTs are not accessible to their intended users and only address a small number of traders today

Solution – an easy-to-use platform that offers users and creators easy access to NFT innovation and trading, so those inside and outside the crypto sphere can buy and trade digital assets and forge the next generation of NFTs

Startup founders at CV Labs Zug who have commenced a 10 week acceleration programme