Business Powered by Numarics – A New Evolution of Entrepreneurship

Business Powered by Numarics – A New Evolution of Entrepreneurship

by March 30, 2022

Numarics introduces its world’s first business operating system (OS) that completely covers business management for small and medium-sized businesses. Used by entrepreneurs and fiduciaries alike, Numarics eliminates all need for orchestrated use of disparate accounting and finance software. Startups get the services of a CFO and COO through one engine and the strong operations team behind it. The team of fiduciary and financial experts feeds the artificial intelligence of this engine with process flows – transforming the use of accounting and finance services. Currently available for in Switzerland registered businesses.

Numarics OS Completely Replaces Software

Numarics was developed by Swiss experts in finance, auditing, artificial intelligence and automation with a vision to seamlessly integrate business management into the lifestyle of today’s entrepreneurs.

Kristian Kabashi Numarics

Kristian Kabashi

“The artificial intelligence knowledge comes from the top expertise of our operations team,”

says Kristian Kabashi, co-founder at Numarics and an expert in process optimization and automation, adding,

“A software is built by software developers. Our engine learns from the specialists and virtually creates itself in the process.”

To build a powerful, scalable and easy-to-use true digital solution, Numarics’ founding team developed an app that allows users to further feed the state-of-the-art engine with use cases – simply by using it.

“The more users Numarics serves, the more business cases it covers,”

Kabashi adds. In the process, human errors due to lack of time or carelessness in repetitive activities are eliminated. Kabashi:

“We use the machine to sift through a high volume of data in milliseconds. Anywhere a human can make the mistakes, the machine does not. Anything that has to do with human experience and niche knowledge, our operations team of finance experts and affiliated accountants cover as consultants.”

With Numarics, accounting is no longer an extra item. It is integrated and seamless. Automated processing also includes reporting to the appropriate local authorities. The Numarics dashboard provides real-time metrics and financial forecasts that allow users to report to their stakeholders and plan investments and cash flow.

AI-driven Numarics is a quality guarantor for reporting even as with the annual financial statement.

Dominique Rey Numarics

Dominique Rey

“The annual financial statements are no longer forgotten or postponed,”

says Dominique Rey, co-founder and CEO of Numarics, referring to the process integration. More and more Swiss fiduciaries are joining Numarics and empowering Numarics as a RegTech solution (solution for regulation) – that is, using Numarics as a financial tool takes care of filings and compliance with tax authorities.

“The accountant connected to Numarics thus has time for the consulting services of the users assigned to him /her and can refer to very individual optimizations, such as the creation of expense regulations with the district of Zurich if the company is located there,”

adds Rey, who is a Swiss business expert and certified public accountant.

Accountants are usually highly trained specialists and are empowered with Numarics to focus on quality control and high quality consulting services. Compared to purchasing manual accounting services paired with software subscriptions, users benefit from lower costs.

Numarics OS offers comprehensive features such as invoice generation and automated dunning, legally compliant digital management of all receipts and documents, and payroll automation. Numarics employs finance experts in the operations team and makes the Numarics OS available to external accountants, replacing paper, bookings and software.

These are the features that will be fully integrated in Numarics OS 2022:

  • Booking from receipt, accounting
  • Payroll
  • Document management
  • Business intelligence, financial forecasts
  • Invoice and quote generation, dunning process
  • Mail concierge
  • Bank integration
  • Inventory management
  • CRM
  • Project based time tracking
  • Expense management
  • Personnel planning
  • 3rd party APIs

Numarics OS for Sole Proprietors

Entrepreneurship is booming. In 2021, more than 50,537 new companies were founded in Switzerland. More than ever before. Most of the start-ups are sole proprietorships.

There are many good reasons for starting a sole proprietorship: it is the most popular entry into self-employment, with the promise of independence and unlimited opportunities to turn one’s talents into money. Unfortunately, it is sole proprietorships that most often go out of business. High workload, stress or dissatisfaction with the income generated are common factors.

Thus, sole proprietors do not usually start their business only to abandon it again. But even in the case of “cautious founding”, where the business is initially set up as a side gig, the pressure from the constant provision of receipts, figures, documents and meeting deadlines for tax payments is enormous. These are just some of the hurdles Numarics aims to remove.

The Numarics OS combined with business advice that is available like a concierge service on your mobile device via Numarics App, make starting and running a sole proprietorship easier than ever. The key benefit of being created is time and focus for the core business.

Numarics OS for Startups

Startups stand for innovation, dynamism and rapid growth. Yet the biggest challenges are rarely a lack of ideas, but insufficient cash flow management and resources for financial planning and reporting. Accounting and financial planning software are outdated, time-consuming and costly, and so is the perception of outsourcing to an accounting service provider.

It’s important to find a way to stay organized in managing the various accounting and operational aspects of your startup. Between invoice management, in-house team payroll, cash flow and budget planning, any startup that doesn’t find an efficient solution to these tasks can end up wasting a tremendous amount of time.

Currently available for companies registered in Switzerland, startups can connect and close their accounting in real time. Invoices, quotes as well as payrolls are automated. All key figures for expenditure and investment planning are provided, which are valuable for your business decisions. Business management reports are connected to the tax authorities to handle all filing requirements such as annual statements and payroll reports in the background.

Finance experts on Numarics’ operations team are available via click at any time for individual advice. The Numarics OS offers startups resources that otherwise only well-funded companies can access: All the services of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) paired with business consulting.

Numarics OS for Medium-Sized Businesses

Numarics offers an award-winning enterprise solution that catapults the business operations of Swiss SMEs into the next era. The use of algorithms, artificial intelligence and automation results in a real-time realization that captures all financial aspects with pinpoint accuracy. From this, valuable financial forecasts are determined, which can be viewed and used at any time – without effort and therefore without loss of time.

The Numarics OS dashboard constantly provides central key figures of a company. This means that the decisive planning variables are always in view and can be actively controlled. As a Swiss army knife for financial management, bookkeeping including payroll is automated, as is accounts receivable management and the preparation of tax returns, which are then sent to the Swiss tax authorities with Numarics’ seamless connection. Expenses are recorded as they happen. Scanned or uploaded by all employees via the mobile or web app, the Numarics algorithm captures the type of expense and posts it. Through a connection to the company’s bank account, the app responds with automatic payment reminders sent when customer invoices have not been paid within the specified time period.

More at Why Numarics is developing an OS instead of software and why it’s the future of entrepreneurship.

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