Re-Thinking Transactions: The 2019 European Payment Summit

Re-Thinking Transactions: The 2019 European Payment Summit

by February 20, 2019

Now in its 17th edition, The European Payment Summit (EPS) will gather key policymakers, decision
makers in the FSI, top-experts in payments and the transaction space and key stakeholders in the
Hague (25 – 26 April).

Regulation continues to play a vital role in determining the evolution of payments. New technology
and new schemes enable us to by-pass regulated models. New payments techniques require new
rules as we need to protect users (businesses and consumers). This fast-changing landscape opens
the door to instant payments, optimization of processes and logistics but also presents new security

GDPR continues to force us to rethink responsibilities and customer centric obligations. AI and IoT
have the potential to enable smarter payments and a more secure environment. In our data economy
“identity” will be crucial. Not static but in layers, de-centralised and dependent on the context of
use. EPS 2019 will discuss all key trends and developments as we secure a top program for payments
professionals to navigate the ever-changing payments ecosystem.

EPS offers a unique 2-day dual program featuring key developments in the payments/transaction
space combined with key sessions on Open Banking, the latest developments in the regulatory
landscape and advances in technology. Key topics include:

  • The digital transformation in payments and how FinTech is driving this agenda
  • The ever-changing European regulatory landscape: is regulation aligned or conflicting?
  • Open Banking and the continued implications of PSD2 on incumbents, opportunities for
    challenger/neo banks, PSPs and tech providers
  • New technologies such as AI, RegTech, Blockchain, Crypto and their integration and
    interoperability to address issues such as KYC, AML and ID verification
  • Financial inclusion: how regions such as Asia and sub-Saharan Africa are managing this
    and enhancing the lives of their unbanked citizens

Next to plenary introductions, delegates can create a meaningful program in order to gain best
insights on industry developments, debate on key issues, learn best practice initiatives and look for
key trends/solutions that are really best in class and secure a profitable and meaningful addition to
the financial services industry and beyond.

Join EPS 2019  and enjoy one of Europe’s best expert meeting! Register now and get 10% off with code FINCH

Register now and get 10% off with code FINCH


Featured image credit: Edited from Pexels

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