TWINT Claims A Half a Million Registered Customers

TWINT Claims A Half a Million Registered Customers

by October 31, 2017

The mobile payment solution TWINT continues to attract great interest. Nathalie T. from Zurich has registered to become the five hundred thousandth customer and can now take advantage of the benefits offered by Switzerland’s digital wallet.

Thierry Kneissler

‘We are delighted to have our five hundred thousandth customer. This figure demonstrates the great interest in TWINT. There is clearly a demand to use mobile payments for making quick and simple peer-to-peer transfers as well as for making payments in the area of e -commerce and at cash registers that are debited directly to user bank accounts’,


explains Thierry Kneissler, TWINT CEO. The level of interest in TWINT remains great: around 1200 new users are currently registering with their bank every day.

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Nathalie T. from Zurich registered as the five hundred thousandth customer.

‘With TWINT I can shop online conveniently or transfer money to my friends’,

says the 40-year-old businesswoman. She is exemplary for TWINT’s strongest customer group.

‘Many of our users are employed, aged between 30 and 45 and live in urban areas’

continues Kneissler.

TWINT is the leader on the still young market for mobile payment solutions in Switzerland. Kneissler:

‘We are also seeing steady growth in the number of transactions. Based on the information we have received from leading online merchants, we know that we currently account for a share of between 4% and 6%. And retailers that accept several mobile payment solutions have confirmed to us that TWINT is used to make more than three times as many payments than accounted for by all of the other mobile payment solutions combined’.

At the same time, TWINT is also creating new acceptance points. TWINT can be used to make payments in an ever-greater number of online shops and can also increasingly be used at existing payment terminals. The option to transfer money simply and directly to other individuals is also being met with great interest.

TWINT has transferred CHF 500 to the TWINT account of its five hundred thousandth customer Nathalie T. and presented her with a bouquet of flowers in person.

TWINT’s Head of Marketing Michael Hügli presents the five hundred thousandth TWINT customer Nathalie T. from Zurich with a bouquet of flowers in front of the symbolic TWINT app entry displaying the CHF 500 transferred to her by TWINT to celebrate this event.


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