Marc Bernegger Joins Gentwo Advisory Board

Marc Bernegger Joins Gentwo Advisory Board

by July 29, 2020

The well-known fintech entrepreneur Marc P. Bernegger is the newest member of GENTWO‘s Advisory Board. As an experienced startup expert and fintech investor, he will support the company’s growth initiatives as well as providing valuable advice concerning its ongoing funding round.

“We are delighted to have convinced Marc P. Bernegger, an outstanding serial entrepreneur, to leverage his exceptional expertise and extensive network of contacts to support our upcoming growth initiatives and scaling-up,”

says Philippe A. Naegeli, CEO of GENTWO.

As a Swiss startup expert, Bernegger has a broad network and many years’ experience within a wide range of business ecosystems – both of which will benefit GENTWO’s further development. The concrete role that he will play is focused above all on identifying further sources of growth and accelerating the company’s scaling-up. Bernegger will also support GENTWO in running its current funding round.

GENTWO is currently in a financing round to raise capital that will underpin the company’s next phase of acceleration – in particular its internationalization, the expansion of its business activities, and new growth initiatives

“On the one hand, GENTWO already has an established business model and a broad customer base. On the other hand, only a fraction of its market

Marc P. Bernegger

Marc P. Bernegger

potential has been tapped so far. We will soon be opening up countless exciting business areas together.”,

says Marc P.Bernegger.


Featured image: From Left – Philippe A. Naegeli Right and Marc P. Bernegger