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Impact of the Metaverse: Will it Be a 3 Trillion USD Industry?

The metaverse, a concept which refers to a more 3D and immersive form of the Internet, has the potential to unlock new opportunities for almost all businesses, with early estimates forecasting an economic contribution of over US$3 trillion by 2031.

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McKinsey Report: Metaverse to Generate up to US$5 Trillion in Impact by 2030

By 2030, the metaverse could generate up to US$5 trillion in impact, a sizeable opportunity that will be brought about rapid adoption of immersive virtual environments by consumers, rising openness to digital assets and new technologies, and heavy investments from

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Prices of Virtual Land Soar Fueled by Metaverse Frenzy

Demand for virtual land plots and real estate is surging on the back of booming activity on the metaverse. Betting on a virtual reality future, real estate promoters and investment firms are snapping up properties on popular virtual environments such

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