6 Bitcoin And Blockchain Startups You Have To Know in Austria

6 Bitcoin And Blockchain Startups You Have To Know in Austria

by April 10, 2018


In Austria, the city of Graz has become the epicenter of the blockchain ecosystem.

The establishment of BlockchainHub Graz in 2017, the launch of the associated Blockchain Startup Contest in early 2016, and the introduction of the country’s first blockchain cooperative lab10 collective last year, further demonstrated the rapid development of the Austrian blockchain scene.

The city of Vienna too has been actively supporting blockchain solutions, community and research, in particular the Open Government Data Initiative (OGD) on blockchain.

The Blockchain Landscape Austria infographic by EnliteAI and CryptoRobby provides an overview of the Austrian blockchain scene:


As the Austrian blockchain startup scene gets more and more crowded, here are six cryptocurrency and blockchain company names in Austria to know:

6 Bitcoin and Blockhain Startups in Austria


Founded in 2014, Coinfinity is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency startup based in Graz, Austria. Coinfinity creates products and solutions around Bitcoin and operates Austria’s first Bitcoin ATM devices.

With Bitcoinbon, Coinfinity provides a way to quickly and securely purchase Bitcoin in more than 4,000 retail outlets throughout Austria. Coinfinity also offers consulting services and helps merchants accept Bitcoin payments.



Based in Innsbruck, Blocklancer is a Distributed Autonomous Job Marketplace (DAJ) on the Ethereum blockchain. The startup aims to provide a completely self-regulatory platform for finding jobs and getting projects done efficiently and fairly. This is being done by minimizing fees and introducing a decentralized tribunal system to guarantee every dispute case is settled fairly.

Blocklancer wants to become the biggest player in the freelancing market.



BitpandaBased in Vienna, Bitpanda is a startup that specializes in selling and buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple.

The company was founded in October 2014 after a development phase in coordination with the local authorities. Bitpanda offer a fully automated platform: as soon as payment is confirmed, the cryptocurrencies are automatically sent to the buyers.



Founded in 2016, Riddle&Code is a blockchain interface company that specializes in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector.

The Viennese startup offers both software and hardware and serves institutions, companies, and individuals for applications in the areas of machine identity, product provenance, online fraud, identity theft and more peculiar problems like cyber insurance, cyber risk assessment, token investment systems, supply chains, etc.


Coin Factory

Coin Factory is cryptocurrency mining startup. The company has data centers in Austria and offers customers different Cloud Mining and Hosted Mining Packages based on special mining hardware with first-class computing power. Coin Factory supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Litecoin Cash and Dash mining.

Cloud Mining Packages offer guaranteed computing power and can be rented to up to 48 months. Customers get access to a personal dashboard with display of all relevant information. The mining yield is displayed daily in the dashboard in the respective mined coin.



Blockpit provides online tracking of cryptocurrency trading on all popular exchanges, mining and staking income. It offers a real-time portfolio overview and automation of complicated calculations including realized and unrealized profits that can be exported and used to ease the effort for tax returns. The platform combines all trades, wallets, mining rewards and other incomes into one dashboard.

Blockpit focuses on improving the accessibility for the everyday user and investor in cryptocurrencies, ICOs and other blockchain-related products.