Swiss Fintech Space Is in Good Shape but There’s Still Room for Improvement

Swiss Fintech Space Is in Good Shape but There’s Still Room for Improvement

by August 27, 2021

The Swiss Federal Council is looking to strengthen the country’s appeal as an ideal location for startups and has tasked the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER) to examine Switzerland’s startup ecosystem.

The subsequent report reveals that this ecosystem is generally in good shape but states that there is room for improvement in a number of areas.

The EAER is therefore proposing to the Federal Council various measures to be examined in greater detail; namely ways of optimising technology transfer, boosting internationalisation, improving access to skilled workers and honing regulation.

Startup Competition venture

In view of the fact that numerous states have launched extensive programmes to support startups in recent years, measures for a more active growth strategy should also be examined in order to strengthen Switzerland’s appeal as a location for startups in the long term.

To this end, the Federal Council has decided in particular to comprehensively examine the advantages and disadvantages of a Swiss innovation fund.

The aim is to explore the extent to which such a fund could expand the venture capital market in Switzerland and thus improve the growth opportunities of innovative companies in Switzerland.

On 25 August, the Federal Council tasked the EAER and the FDJP with examining the various measures in greater detail. The findings are expected to be presented in June 2022.


Featured image: Photo by Nadine Marfurt on Unsplash