6 Notable Swiss Fintech Startups Seeking Investments in 2019

6 Notable Swiss Fintech Startups Seeking Investments in 2019

by March 14, 2019

The Swiss economic magazine Bilan in Lausanne held their 7th event to select 50 Swiss startups in which to invest. The list this year was curated from 145 startups that applied, where a team of experienced entreprneurs and investors were mandated to review the applications.

Six of the 50 startups named by Bilan this year are fintechs, and they are:



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Financing round: CHF 4,000,000

Altoo’s claim to fame is their wealth management platform, designed for the wealthy (and their families) to consolidate and interact with their money in a more intuitive and straightforward way. The technology is developed and hosted in Switzerland, kept operational by a team of 22 software engineers, investment specialists and digital customer experience experts. Altoo is based in Zug.


commochain fintech startups bilan invest

Financing round: CHF 1,500,000

Based in Geneva, Commochain is a commodity trading platform which aims to enhance the security of financial transactions via blockchain and smart contracts. The goal is to help companies involved in international trading to increase their operational efficiency.



Financing round: CHF 1,300,000

DynaMetrics creates an automated credit scoring tool geared towards relationship managers, credit analysts, underwriters and risk managers. Utilising big data and AI, the Credit-bility platform is a “one-stop-shop” for information during the initial decision-making process, all the way to regular monitoring. The goal is to free up time that would otherwise be spent collecting audited financial statements, salary slips, answering non priority pop-up alerts, and checking that no important changes on the borrower’s side are missed.



Financing round: CHF 50,000.000

Loanboox is a P2P debt financing platform geared for public sector borrowers, institutional investors and banks. In contrast to conventional brokering,  Loanboox claims to offer simple, transparent, and more affordable services. It has expanded into the German market and is eyeing further expansion.


sustema fintech invest switzerland

Financing round: CHF 1,500,000

Sustema sets out to utilise publicly available data to better the insurance underwriting process for commercial insurers. The rationale is that underwriting as it is today with its more intuitive approach is fundamentally flawed, as it’s shaped by selective supply and analysis of information, and thus, subject to self-reinforcing biases. By analysing the behavior of over 17,000 listed companies, Sustema aims to provide an objective and consistent behavioral analysis.


Financing round: CHF 1,000,000

WealthInitiative is a secure platform that allows wealth management institutions to share deals on behalf of their high net work clients in the field of real estate, art, passion investments and business deals. The goal is to facilitate transactions for a client base within wealth management institutions’ care, thus providing an avenue for more efficient matching of buyers and sellers.