Swiss Fintech Startup Map February: 9 “New” Swiss Fintech Join

Swiss Fintech Startup Map February: 9 “New” Swiss Fintech Join

by February 14, 2019

Swisscom just released the new Swiss Fintech Startup Map. The Swiss Fintech map counts now 316 Startups.

9 new Swiss Fintech Startups joined the map:

10 Fintech Finalists for <<venture>>’s 2024 Startup Competition


acatisACATIS Investment Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH is an independent boutique asset manager that specializes in value investing. The company was established in 1994 in Frankfurt/Main. Today, ACATIS manages several global and regional investment funds and mandates, including equity, balanced and bond strategies. Four of the funds also pursue a sustainability strategy.
“So far Fintechnews could not find out what is connected here with Fintech?”

ABC Platform

ABC Platform

A decentralized, token-based, participant-owned market network ensuring open access to Earth’s resources with Asset-Based Cryptocurrencies (ABCs)

AgAuAgAu: The Peer-to-Peer, Electronic Money System backed by Ag(Silver) and Au(Gold).
“In the spirit of the initial Blockchain community we want to create a true alternative to fiat and crypto-fiat currencies ”

Our mission is to “Create an open and ethical, fair and reliable  Electronic, peer to peer money system based on Gold and Silver”


alvatorAlvalor is a blockchain ecosystem built on the idea of natural selection. Rather than offering a singular platform, many blockchains can compete and cooperate.


bitcBITC is the largest Bitcoin ATM network in Switzerland. Founded in 2014, the Tavannes-based company gives anyone the ability to buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with Swiss Francs and Euro at physical kiosks (BTM) located around the country.


ecofinEcofin offers advice for institutional and private clients- mainly pension funds, discerning private investors and family offices, trusts and grant-making foundations – on aspects of investment management.
“So far Fintechnews could not find out what is connected here with Fintech?”



Leva is a blockchain based investment platform for private markets. We leverage the technology of distributed ledgers to make off-chain assets accessible to everybody. Our two-sided platform is a central hub for the funding of, investing in, and trading of formerly illiquid private assets.


NEXONexo – The World’s First Instant Crypto-backed Loans. Powered by Credissimo – A Leading European FinTech Group for over 10 years.



Pintail is the newest wallet that is both connected to your loved ones and the everyday life of your community


Swiss FinTech Startup Map February