The 15 Selected Fintech Startups for the F10 Incubation Program in Zurich

The 15 Selected Fintech Startups for the F10 Incubation Program in Zurich

by August 19, 2020

After an intense selection process earlier this year, 15 promising FinTech, RegTech and InsurTech Startups made it into the renowned six-month F10 Fintech  program. Dedicated Coaches, Mentors and tailor-made Masterclasses await them. The F10 team supports the Startups accepted into the Incubation Program in developing their prototype into a product together with the extended global F10 ecosystem.

Kickoff for the new batch is on the 21st of August 2020.

James Sanders

James Sanders

“F10 is delighted to start working with the following FinTech Startups and looking forward to showing the F10 ecosystem how they transform their ideas into successful companies”

says James Sanders, Startup Coach at F10.

Aisot Advancing data to real-time signals
AvoodooPlatform for index calculation, index development and index management. Build better indices!
BlackGullEmpowering SMEs for the Industry 4.0 Revolution
FortoDigital Swiss business bank account for higher risk SMEs, built on proprietary compliance automation
Galaxis NetworkA credible technology provider behind digital fund managers
GoudUphold your freedom and Independence In your golden years. Enjoy! Live! Discover!
Latent InsightProfiling web user's personality using machine learning
Lyyna Bridge the Gap between Payment & Insurance
MeloncastAccelerating customer growth
PlenitudeB2B values-led digital wealth and pensions manager. Saving for our future
ResilientA business solution to a social problem. A social solution to a business problem
RiskwolfThe platform that insures the digital economy
StabletonNext-Generation Marketplace for Alternative Investments
Things ProtocolEmpower your services around Internet Of Things - Private Communication, Public Trust
Troc CircleA cost-effective netting platform that allows users to get paid and pay simultaneously. Pay without money

Who is the F10 Incubation Program for?

For international FinTech, RegTech and InsurTech Startups with, at minimum, a prototype and looking to develop their solution with the support of F10, its Coaches, Corporate Members and its extensive Mentor network.

As THE HOME OF FINTECH, F10 provides access to the vibrant FinTech ecosystem in Switzerland and Singapore. The Corporate Members are at the core of the program and a strong backbone on the path to success.

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