Top 10 Upcoming International (Online) Events for Swiss Fintechs

Top 10 Upcoming International (Online) Events for Swiss Fintechs

by October 4, 2021

It’s fintech events season again, with a number of global webinars, festivals and roundtables lined up for the tail end of 2021.

For Swiss fintech companies looking to broaden their business base, and jumpstart their expansion efforts into fintech hubs across the world, these events for Swiss fintechs represent an opportunity to build connections, get ground-level perspectives, and dive into regional strategies.

Here are some of the top upcoming international events for Swiss fintechs that can be attended virtually.


1. SGE Roundtable: Global growth opportunities in fintech (fall program)

26 Oct 2021, 11:00 – 12:00 AM (CET)



The global fintech ecosystem has been having a blockbuster recovery so far. With a V-shaped rebound from the pandemic, global fintech investments nearly reached US$100 billion in H1 this year. VC investment in fintech surpassed US$52 billion for the period (nearly beating the annual record of US$54 billion in 2018). Elsewhere, corporate venture capital, private equity and M&A deals have all been abuzz this year.

In this context, Switzerland Global Enterprise (SGE) is hosting an online roundtable for fintech companies to explore global growth opportunities. The webinar will cover the major markets of India, Russia, Mexico and Mauritius. It is especially tailored for Swiss and Liechtenstein companies looking to kickstart their global expansion journey.

The roundtable will cover:

  • Different opportunities in across global fintech markets with a focus on India, Russia, Mexico and Mauritius
  • Expansion possibilities for Swiss and Liechtenstein fintech startups
  • Insights into entry strategies by a successful Swiss fintech
  • Ways to tailor the expansion journey for each of the four countries covered

The free webinar is part of SGE’s events for Swiss fintechs under their fall program. The program aims to provide Swiss and Liechtenstein-based fintech companies with insights into expansion tailored to their needs.

Companies can also book a free consulting session with SGE to discuss their internationalisation journey with country-specific insights.

2. SGE Roundtable: Fintech opportunities in ASEAN (fall program)

26 Oct 2021, 12:30 – 01:30 PM (CET)



The APAC region is a hotbed for fintech development, especially around Southeast Asia, with startup powerhouses such as Singapore and Indonesia leading the way. Last year, Southeast Asian countries attracted US$903.65 million in funding dollars (as of Q3 2020) despite the pandemic, and US$1.12 billion the year before. The region also attracted major partnerships from Asian tech giants such as Tencent and Ant Group.

This free webinar by SGE is an opportunity for Swiss and Liechtenstein companies to learn about the fintech sector in the region. It focuses on ASEAN nations Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Attendees can network with Asian fintech players, gain ground-level insight from Swiss fintech companies that successfully entered the ASEAN market, and learn about the best strategies to tap into the ASEAN fintech opportunity.

The virtual roundtable will cover:

  • The latest developments in ASEAN’s fintech landscape
  • Insights on breaking into the ASEAN market from two Swiss fintechs
  • What to expect from the upcoming Singapore Fintech Festival 2021 happening on November 8-12
  • A chance to interact with speakers through a Q&A session

The webinar is also part of SGE’s events for Swiss fintechs under their fall program.

3. SGE Webinar: Business opportunities in cybersecurity Qatar 2022 (fall program)

5 Oct 2021, 12:00 – 12:30 PM CET




Cybersecurity is a long-standing priority for Qatar’s Ministry of Transport and Communication. Two key initiatives in this space include the Qatar Computer Emergency Response Team (Q-CERT), announced in 2005 in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, and the National Cyber Security Strategy in 2013.

SGE will be hosting a webinar to understand Qatar’s cybersecurity space better, and discuss ways for Swiss companies to make headway in this market. Attendees can expect to delve into the opportunities in Qatar going into 2022 and beyond.

The SGE webinar will cover:

  • Structural organisation of cybersecurity in Qatar
  • Tangible business opportunities beyond 2022
  • Requirements of local cyber security and digital transformation sub-sectors

4. SGE Webinar: Do business in the Saudi Arabia fintech ecosystem (fall program)

5 Oct 2021, 12:30 – 13:00 PM CET


Fintech adoption is rising in Saudi Arabia. Digital payments increased by 75% in 2020, and 69% of individuals use e-payment services in the country. Saudi Arabia is also looking to reduce cash usage, increasing non-cash transactions in the country to 70% by 2025.

SGE is organising a free webinar for Swiss and Liechtenstein companies looking to establish a presence in this growing Middle East fintech hub. The webinar will feature industry insiders discussing the Saudi fintech sector, as well as entry strategies.

More specifically, the free webinar will cover:

  • An overview about Saudi Arabia’s fintech sector, including trends, history and progress
  • The testing environment and fintech regulations concerning fintech in Saudi Arabia
  • Latest developments and innovations in the sector
  • Needs of local companies, and entry strategies for Swiss companies

5. Fintech Inn Lithuania 2021

21 – 22 October 2021

Lithuania’s fintech ecosystem is growing rapidly, with its fintech sector named the fastest growing in the EU. With this steep growth, Fintech Inn Lithuania is back with its 5th edition taking place virtually.

This two-day event brings together global fintech companies, startups, investors, policymakers, and leaders. It will also cover everything from digital banking, payments and remittance, to blockchain, digital assets, and more. More importantly, it will create a space for Lithuanian fintech players to exchange know-how and build important networks.

6. Hong Kong Fintech Week 2021

1 – 5 November 2021Hong Kong Fintech Week 2021

Hong Kong Fintech Week is back this November in a hybrid format. The event will be taking place offline in Hong Kong, but will also be accessible online, and is one of many global events for Swiss fintechs to attend virtually.

The conference features speakers from across the fintech industry, including Alibaba Group, BlackRock, Sequoia, Gobi Partners and more. It also has a Global Fast Track 2021 programme for startups to delve into expansion opportunities in the Great Bay Area, and the wider Asia region, as well as fintech masterclasses and workshops.

7. Singapore Fintech Festival 2021

8 – 12 November 2021, 01:30 AM CET onwards

Another one for Swiss fintech companies looking to tap into the Asian fintech space, Singapore Fintech Festival 2021 will focus on the impact of Web 3.0. It will discuss how Web 3.0 will influence financial services and the digital economy, especially through emerging developments such as DeFi.

There’s something for everyone at the conference this year. Some key themes include:

  • Designing and building financial services for Web 3.0
  • The value of blockchain in financial services
  • Web 3.0 in consumer banking, insurance, pension and investment banking
  • New commercial and partnership models with embedded finance
  • Next-gen market and payments infrastructure
  • The need for a global multi-jurisdiction connected SME platform, and more

8. Positioning Banks & FIs for Business Change in Switzerland

25 Nov 2021, 10:00 AM CET

Swiss-Webinar-Banners-110321DH-02According to a recent survey by EY, 88 per cent of senior executives in Switzerland are convinced that a fundamental structural change has begun in the country. Competition from fintechs and international banks are the main reasons. In fact, Swiss banks and other financial institutions have been changing and will continue to do so as payments methods, messaging, and regulations evolve.

Four main areas of change including Instant Payments & Real-Time Gross Settlement, adoption of SIC5, CBPR+ Messaging & Finance IP Net, among others, will affect Switzerland and other countries in the region and across the world. The perception may be that the Swiss financial system is isolated. But it’s globally engaged and keeping pace as much as any country.

However, with change comes the need to understand new technologies and communications for financial institutions. Although Switzerland is not part of the EU, we must ensure that banks can communicate with both the local domestic infrastructures and with the external world. Switzerland is a future-focused country. Banks that do business here, foreign or domestic, need a partner that can provide connectivity and create infrastructure harmony.

The expert webinar panel of Anapaya and Bottomline will help banks & FIs in Switzerland develop the most efficient and innovative strategies to ensure speed to market and a competitive edge.

Register to learn about:

  • How is the payments landscape changing in Switzerland & what impact will it have on current road-maps?
  • How key is SIC Instant Payments and how can banks & FIs adapt to the new way to communicate Real-Time Gross Settlement messages?
  • What is CBPR+ and how does this differ from existing SIC mandated ISO 20022 domestic scheme in 2015?
  • What are the benefits that this will bring to make Switzerland more competitive and what is the use case for early adoption?

Book your place today!

9. Fintech Abu Dhabi 2021

22 – 24 November 2021

A top fintech hub in the Middle East, the UAE is benefitting heavily from the efforts of local bodies established to promote fintech in the country. The Fintech Abu Dhabi Festival is one of the country’s highlights, and for Swiss fintech companies, it’s an opportunity to meet the who’s who not only in UAE’s fintech industry, but globally as well.

The conference will be held in a hybrid format this year, but retains much of its original format, including the Fintech100 programme, Innovation Challenge, Government Fintech Forum, Investor Forum and Fintech Awards.

Swiss fintech startups attending can look forward to the following:

  • Fintech for Good, a dedicated forum on the intersection of sustainability, fintech and innovation
  • CxO21, a deep dive into corporate innovation and digital banking
  • Token, which focuses on digital assets and currencies
  • Risk 4.0, discussing expert perspectives on financial security
  • Fintech Souk, a close look at developments in retail and payments

10. Fintech Connect Leaders Summit 2021

1 – 2 December 2021

Fintech Connect 2021 brings together fintech leaders and experts across digital transformation, payments, blockchain and regtech. The conference will feature 250 speakers and 6000 attendees representing over 50 countries.

Here’s what attendees can expect from the virtual two-day conference:

  • Roadmap the digital transformation of financial services
  • Understand the rapid changes in both B2B and B2C payments
  • Delve into the institutional blockchain revolution
  • Hear from leaders in the space of security for financial services



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