The Top 6 Swiss Fintech Startups 2017

The Top 6 Swiss Fintech Startups 2017

by September 7, 2017 publish every year a list of Top 100 Best Swiss Startups 2017.

6 Fintech Startups made it into the list. Bexio and Advanon even into the Top 10. Bexio was already in the Top 10 last year, Advanon made it from rank 25 to rank 10. Best newcomer is Creditgate24, Knip is not listed as a Startup anymore.

Compared to 2015 Swiss Fintechs are clearly moving forward!

10 Fintech Finalists for <<venture>>’s 2024 Startup Competition


Founded: December 2013

#4 – bexio AG

bexio develops and sells an accounting software for small and medium companies. In June 2014, the Rapperswil based startup seduced UBS as a strategic partner. For the clients of bexio this means that their accounting data can be automatically streamlined with the bank’s account information and transactions.




Founded: March 2015


#10 –  Advanon AG

Advanon is an Online Platform for invoice financing for Small- and Medium Businesses. By selling invoices on our platform, companies can easily manage their cash flows in a quick and flexible way allowing them to focus on their core business.



Founded: November 2014

#26 – CreditGate24 (Schweiz) AG

CreditGate24 relies on peer-to-peer financing, a  concept that brings borrowers and investors together  via a platform. The company is on a steep  growth trajectory: after needing almost a year  to reach 100 loans, it can now achieve this milestone  in just a few weeks. With the Venture Leaders  fintech programme, the team is now testing  the US market as well.




Founded: February 2015

#38 – Biowatch SA

Biowatch transforms the user’s wristwatch into a means of identification. A module, which fits  into the strap of any watch, identifies the user  from their unique vein pattern.Watches could  therefore replace passwords, badges and car keys. Biowatch completed a financing round at the beginning of this year and demonstrated a fully functional prototype for the first time in June.



Founded: May 2013

#44 – Contovista AG (acquired by Aduno Group)

Contovista is a Swiss FinTech company with the mission to facilitate the transition to data-driven banking. The company specialises in big data analytics, business intelligence and visualisation of financial data. Our product portfolio includes a Personal Finance Management (PFM) solution, a Business Finance Management (BFM) solution for SMEs as well as an Advanced Data Analytics Engine.



Founded: March 2015

#83 – Bricks & Bytes AG (

Before Crowdhouse came along, the possibility of becoming a co-owner of an investment property was previously available only to institutional investors and wealthy individuals. Users of this crowdfunding platform can become co-owners (including entry in the land registry) with an investment of just CHF 25,000. Crowdhouse is growing quickly: since its launch, properties with a total value of more than CHF 200 million have been placed on the platform.


08.09.17: We are sorry, we forgot Monito on Rank 92, the Money Transfer Comparision page.

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3.Knip, 7.Bexio, 25.Advanon, 47.Contovista, 70.I Believe in You, 80.Cashsentinel

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6.Knip, 53.Cashsentinel, 73.Contovista, 75.I Believe in You, 78.Investglass, 90.Dealmarket