Swiss Startup Competition Venture Announces Fintech Finalists and Winners for 2021

Swiss Startup Competition Venture Announces Fintech Finalists and Winners for 2021

by June 8, 2021

Switzerland’s startup competition >>venture>> has announced its list of 52 finalists for its 2021 competition.

The competition has finalists from five different verticals namely Finance and Insurance, Health and Nutrition, ICT, Retail and Consumer Services as well as Industrials and Engineering.

For the Finance and Insurance vertical, >>venture>> the 11 finalists and the 3 winners are:

venture finance 2021 winner

Eleven Finalists for the Finance and Insurance Vertical

Aequitec AG

Aequitec AGManaging corporate actions, e.g. capital increases, is manual, error-prone, time-consuming and costly.

Fast growing IPO candidates, listed companies and professional service companies purchase our software and expertise to automate corporate actions together with lawyers, notaries, auditors and bank representatives.

Aequitec reduces workload by up to 90 percent through automation and increases non-listed share visibility and liquidity. CHF 7.5k average annual recurring revenue per contract.

Aisot (Winner)

aisotEver increasing relevant data sources make it hard to be on top of what is happening on the market. At aisot, we offer next level data & predictive analytics. By dynamically combining various real-time datasets – from markets and alternative sources – we can create directly actionable signals beyond sentiments. We are a B2B company selling licenses to trading and investment signals and apply revenue sharing models where appropiate.

Alquant AG

Alquant AGAlquant is a Swiss innovative quantitative asset management and financial research firm led by Millennials. The company operates in two segments, the asset management and the platform business. Within asset management, Alquant offers disruptive investment products, leveraging the latest technologies and alternative data to find untapped potentials. In the platform segment, Alquant provides the next generation actionable signals and helps portfolio managers to become data-driven investors.


AvoodooThe global Index Industry makes yearly around USD 5 billion revenues and grows by 10%.
Asset management and pension funds ask for more specialized indices like ESG. Regulators demand full transparency. Index providers struggle with these market dynamics. They suffer from a slow time-to-market and high cost due to complex index management processes and quality issues due to data gaps and a fragmented tooling landscape. This leads to a huge loss of market opportunities and revenues.


CyQuantInsurers use historical data to estimate insurance premiums. This is not possible with Cyber Risk. we developed an innovative platform to model companies cyber risk. Bringing the technology (ML) to where the risks are growing (cyber), which promises to bring savings for both company and insurer.

Fea Money Switzerland

Fea Money SwitzerlandWomen are the most powerful consumers, driving 70 – 80 % of all purchasing worldwide, However, they are also the most financially unstable compared to men, due to:

  • Gender pay gaps
  • Gender pension gaps
  • Staying away from the job market
  • Spending habits

Fea Money offers services and products, such as budgeting and in-app community, tailored specifically for women and empowers them to take charge of their finances.


FidectusFidectus revolutionizes post trading in OTC energy and commodity markets. Our clients benefit of a unified solution enabling them to digitize and fully automate their post trade processes. Fidectus SaaS platform seamlessly integrates into their IT landscape. Our services Confirmations, Settlements, Broker Fees and Financing provide multiple revenue streams, based on per transaction fee and fixed fee models. We become the cogwheel in their processes and continuously extend our value proposition.

Ignatica (Winner)

IgnaticaIgnatica is an Insurtech startup offering a cloud-based B2B Saas platform to Insurers and brokers which allows them to launch new products faster, cheaper and much more tailored to reach the individual needs of their clients.


Kaspar&700’000 Swiss mass affluent market customers have one and the same problem in today’s low-interest rate world: they know they should invest for tomorrow, but do not know how to start today. Therefore, Kaspar& offers an all-in-one app including a Swiss bank account, a personalized payment card, an automatic transaction-based round-up mechanism that invests the resulting micro-payments and the chance to invest any amount in professionally managed investment strategies. All for a fair flat-fee.

Lyyna (Winner)

LyynaWhen customers buy something valuable, they need insurance. Large shops offer insurance on checkout. Small, specialised shops do not. They are too small to partner with insurers. Collectively, however, they account for ~50% of valuable items sales. Lyyna empowers banks to serve this large untapped market: Customers pay for large purchases digitally. A bank connects to Lyyna, which analyses the payment data. and enables the bank to offer their customer the insurance directly from her smartphone.


RatyngEvaluating the financial stability of SMEs is actually quite difficult. We provide the financial industry highly efficient & accessible SME risk assessment, without the need for complex and time-consuming processes. Our models achieve the same quality and predictive power as gold standard banking models, while reducing the required inputs by over 90% and packing it all into an easy to use software suite easily available at attractive prices.