Orell Füssli Snaps up Majority Stake in Swiss Digital Identity Firm Procivis

Orell Füssli Snaps up Majority Stake in Swiss Digital Identity Firm Procivis

by September 14, 2021

Swiss printing and bookselling company Orell Füssli has acquired a majority stake in technology company Procivis which offers smartphone-based identity solutions.

Orell Füssli will offer both physical and digital identity and certificate solutions from a single source, based on secure and unalterable data from trustworthy sources.

Additional functionalities are intended to facilitate seamless, simple and efficient interactions and business processes for users, authorities and companies.

The implementation of this strategy requires innovative technologies and specific digital competencies.

For this reason, Orell Füssli acquired a stake in Procivis in spring 2020, to realise the potential of a digital society with forward-looking technology solutions for digital identities and e-government.

The accelerated digitalisation of the economy and society in recent months has led to increasingly digital interactions and processes in business and government.

This often requires identity documents and certificates, which are until today mostly produced and used physically.

Procivis’ smartphone-based identity solution has reportedly been successfully introduced at several customers and enables users to handle their own data in a self-determined way.

Daniel Gasteiger

Daniel Gasteiger

Daniel Gasteiger, CEO Procivis said,

“We are looking forward to strengthening the cooperation with the Orell Füssli team and are convinced that a digital identity solution for our society must be driven by privacy by design, decentralised data storage and data minimisation.


These have been the principles of our product development at Procivis from the very beginning. »

Daniel Link

Daniel Link

Daniel Link, CEO of Orell Füssli said,

“By acquiring Procivis we drive forward our strategy and are at the forefront of shaping the attractive business field of digital identities and certificates.


We build on joint projects with Procivis to develop secure, trustworthy digital services for business and government transactions in the future.»