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Monito-Ranking: Wise Named Best Money Transfer Service

UK-headquartered Wise, formerly TransferWise, has been named the best money transfer service in the world, ranking the highest in trust and credibility, service quality and customer satisfaction, a research by money transfer comparison website Monito found. Wise secured the highest

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What is Stellar Blockchain, and Why it Matters

Since the launch of the Bitcoin protocol over ten years ago, a horde of blockchain projects have emerged to solve various problems in the financial services industry, and in the remittances and cross-border payments area, perhaps one of the most

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SocGen, Santander & 73 Banks Join JPMorgan’s Blockchain Battle Against Fintech

JP Morgan’s ambitious Ethereum-backed blockchain project, the Interbank Information Network (IIN) gains 70 additional banks, including France’s Société Générale and Spain’s Santander. This brings the number of large banks on the network up to 75. The IIN is a collaboration between JPMorgan,

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