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Facebook Can’t Be Trusted to Manage Cryptos, US Senators Say Following Novi Launch

A number of US lawmakers jointly issued a statement saying that Facebook cannot be trusted to manage cryptocurrency and has urged Mark Zuckerberg to stop the launch of Novi and Diem immediately. Facebook had just announced the pilot launch of

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Facebook Readies Novi Launch; Digital Currency Wallet Could Support NFTs

Facebook is preparing for the launch of Novi, a digital currency wallet that will be integrated into its multiple apps. David Marcus, the head of Facebook Financial (F2), the internal group developing the digital wallet, said Novi could be supporting

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Diem Withdraws Swiss License Application, Makes Bold Move With U.S. Shift

Diem Association, a digital currency project previously knows as Facebook’s Libra project, announced that it has dropped its plans to get a Swiss payments license and will instead focus on shifting its primary operations to the United States. The crypto

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