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87% of Financial Market Participants Say Blockchain Will Disrupt The Industry

A survey conducted by Deutsche Bank and FT Remark, the research arm of the Financial Times, found that a staggering majority (87%) of financial market participants are confident that blockchain technology will disrupt the settlement model for securities. 62% believe

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Capital Market Firms Must Collaborate with Fintechs to ‘Drive Their Own Evolution’

Innovation in capital markets is an “absolute imperative for investment banks to survive and thrive into the future,” according to a new report from Ernst and Young (EY), and with fintech booming all around the world, “the better answer for both

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German Stock Market Operator Releases Paper On How Fintech Will Reshape Capital Markets

Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and Big Data will transform capital markets, according to German stock market operator Deutsche Boerse. It urges established financial infrastructure players to start approaching fintech firms and consider partnering with these innovative ventures. In

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