Baloise Acquires a Stake in Artificial Intelligence Startup, Brainalyzed

Baloise Acquires a Stake in Artificial Intelligence Startup, Brainalyzed

by June 27, 2019

Baloise’s asset management side has acquired a stake in Brainalyzed, a machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) stare investment comes after a two-year partnership, and Baloise’s experiment with swarm-based artificial intelligence, and Baloise thinks that it could help expand its third-party asset management business.

Baloise will have a minority stake in Brainalyzed.

The startup specialises in analysing time series and working with large data volumes (big data). Baloise Asset Management is currently incorporating the findings from the joint projects into its day-to-day business, but it decided to acquire Brainalyzed thanks to a need for further areas of research.

The purchase, opines Baloise, will enable it to effectively develop new skills and methodologies. Baloise Asset Management will now support Brainalyzed in its development activities, including any resources that the startup may need.

New methods and research in the field of artificial intelligence are changing the way asset management is conducted, and they’re having a significant influence on the market. Baloise Asset Management hopes this would position it in a leading role, and is actively seeking out partnerships and strategic alliances to chase that vision.

Featured image credit: Screengrab from Youtube