10 Swiss Blockchain Startups to Watch in 2021

10 Swiss Blockchain Startups to Watch in 2021

by April 30, 2021

Startup.ch, which serves as a Swiss startups radar, has compiled a list of ten up-and-coming Swiss blockchain startups that the market should keep an eye on.

The explosive growth in the cryptocurrency market within the recent month has recharged the interest of many in this fairly new asset class.

Here are 10 Swiss companies utilising blockchain technology in innovative ways to create solutions in areas such as healthcare, supply chain, identification, and more.

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Adresta AG

Adresta AGAdresta creates digital certificates for luxury goods, starting with high-end timepieces. The certificates are securely stored on a blockchain together with the history of the watch from manufacturer to service and repair and pre-owned sale.


Adresta AGAuthena is a Swiss company whose goal is to create a future free from counterfeiting and fraud. With its blockchain & IoT (Internet of Things) platform, Authena wants to revolutionise how brands of high value goods protect their products and reputation against counterfeiting and reach unprecedented level of end users engagement.

collectID AG

collectIDcollectID is a product authentication ecosystem allowing every user to easily authenticate and trade any product by simply tapping the smartphone on the item. collectID protects the consumer confidence in brands and retailers and creates a new secure resale market. collectID combines cutting-edge blockchain technology and NFC hardware to fight the problem of counterfeiting.

dq technologies AG (decentriq)

DecentriqDecentriq’s avato platform sets the standards for data scientists, making data exploitable. Avato ensures that all parties are always working on encrypted data (encryption-in-use). The platform is based on the latest advancements of hardware cryptography (Intel-SGX) and machine learning, functioning as a software layer on top of the public cloud infrastructure. Thus, enabling scalable machine learning on encrypted data. Data collaboration without data sharing.

Hive Power Sagl

Hive PowerHive Power is a technology provider of a platform fully open to existing and new energy actors. The goal of Hive Power is to create energy sharing communities where all participants are guaranteed to benefit from the participation, reaching at the same time a technical and financial optimum for the whole community.

Lyfegen HealthTech

Lyfegen HealthTech AGLyfegen helps patients to access cutting edge, high-cost therapies with our groundbreaking value-based contracting platform. Our solutions provide manufacturers, healthcare payers, and healthcare providers the tools needed to execute value-based and data-driven agreements.


ModumModum offers a digital supply chain monitoring & optimization solution that measures environmental conditions at high shipment volumes for the pharma industry. Our first solution enables pharma distributors to fulfil regulatory obligations under GDP in an efficient and cost effective way.


Ormera AGOrmera is a web-based platform for energy utilities, energy service providers, real estate service providers, administrations and installers. It links the meter to the account, thus automating the entire electricity billing process. For self-consumption communities (SCC), Ormera is the ideal meter-to-cash solution for independent management and electricity billing


ScantrustScantrust is a connected goods and products platform for companies that depend on selling physical products in a connected world. Benefit from Active Brand Protection, Supply Chain Awareness, and direct Consumer Engagement. Maintain brand integrity, deliver valuable consumer insights, and unlock growth potential in the goods and products you sell.


xFarmxFarm is a startup that aims at the digitization of agriculture, providing innovative tools that can support farmers and food supply chain’s stakeholders in the management of their companies. Created by farmers and tailored to the agricultural sector, its main focus is on ease of use, intuitiveness and complete adaptability to agricultural realities.