Sygnum Bank Dives Into the Metaverse With New Hub

Sygnum Bank Dives Into the Metaverse With New Hub

by September 6, 2022

Digital asset bank Sygnum announced the opening of its metaverse hub, saying that is the virtual equivalent of New York’s Times Square in Decentraland.

Decentraland claims to be the first and largest metaverse which leverages a crypto asset called MANA to facilitate gaming and the purchase of virtual land, goods and services in the space.

The hub is Sygnum’s Web3 portal to the emerging US$ 5 trillion metaverse economy and it will include the SYGN lounge with a CryptoPunk receptionist, an interactive NFT gallery featuring curated exhibitions from Sygnum, its clients and leading creators, plus an exhibition hall for events and launches.

Martin Burgherr

Martin Burgherr

“Metaverse investment is ramping up, powered by crypto-enabled retail transactions and a new generation of users completely at home with socialising, shopping and working in virtual spaces.


Our new metaverse hub is the natural place to showcase Sygnum’s Web3 innovations and provide a trusted entry point for investors into the fast-growing Future Finance economy,”

said Martin Burgherr, Chief Clients Officer, Sygnum.

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