Swisscom Selects AWS for Its Move Towards a Cloud-Native 5G Network

Swisscom Selects AWS for Its Move Towards a Cloud-Native 5G Network

by June 29, 2021

Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company, announced that Swisscom, a Switzerland-base telecommunications company, has selected AWS as its preferred public cloud provider for its enterprise IT.

Swisscom is pursuing a cloud-first strategy and will use AWS to increase IT agility, drive operational efficiencies, and accelerate time to market for new information and communications technology (ICT) features and services.

As part of its overall digital transformation, Swisscom will migrate to AWS a wide range of core applications that power its enterprise resource planning, operational support system (OSS), business support system (BSS), analytics, contact center, and communications provisioning workloads.

Swisscom will also leverage AWS’s proven infrastructure and breadth and depth of services to explore how it can build a reliable, scalable, secure, and cost-effective 5G Core in the cloud that would enable rapid development and deployment of new 5G services for its customers.

Swisscom is the largest telecoms company in Switzerland and one of the country’s leading IT services providers.

By transforming parts of its internal IT on AWS, Swisscom aims to reduce complexity, gain greater efficiency, and scale on demand to seamlessly deliver new innovations for its customers.

Swisscom will use AWS’s comprehensive set of analytics, machine learning, containers, database, and storage services to modernize its applications.

In addition, Swisscom engineers and developers will be able to automate hardware provisioning, database setup, patching, and backups, as well as deploy new applications in minutes.

Through the collaboration with AWS, Swisscom will also explore migrating from a 5G network built on current infrastructure to a new standalone 5G network powered by a cloud-native 5G Core—the architecture that aggregates and directs traffic flow across the network.

As envisioned, Swisscom’s 5G Core will run on a hybrid cloud infrastructure with Swisscom infrastructure, AWS Outposts, and in the AWS Europe (Zurich) region launching in 2022.

Christoph Aeschlimann, CTIO of Swisscom

Christoph Aeschlimann

Christoph Aeschlimann, CTIO of Swisscom said,

“We expect 5G to open the door for a host of specialized services. Having AWS by our side, with their proven infrastructure and unparalleled suite of cloud technologies, will help us innovate and grow at a rapid pace.


Leveraging AWS, we are able to quickly build and run the applications that underpin our organization with low latency, reliability, and scalability, while meeting security and compliance requirements.”

Adolfo Hernandez, Vice President of Telco Sales, Amazon Web Services

Adolfo Hernandez

Adolfo Hernandez, Vice President of Telco Sales, Amazon Web Services said,

“We are thrilled to support Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading communications provider, with our proven infrastructure and industry-leading services to accelerate their digital transformation.


Our collaboration with Swisscom represents our long-term commitment to Switzerland, and we look forward to driving broad industry transformations for more European customers when we open our new region next year.”


Featured image: Photo by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash