Coronavirus: Wisefund Offers Funding Relief To European Based Businesses

Coronavirus: Wisefund Offers Funding Relief To European Based Businesses

by March 20, 2020

As the global Covad-19 Coronavirus Pandemic starts its streak across Europe, businesses both large and small are bracing for the imminent problems that are forthcoming. This is not a slow process, as it is hitting world economies quickly and hard. People will, and are, losing their jobs, their homes, their assets and life savings. It is time to pull out all the stops and fight for survival.

Citizens of the world will unite to help each other and this is what is taking place right now within “wisefund”. Wisefund announced on March 17 that it will provide an option to get financial support via crowdfunding loans for small businesses across “Europe” seeing a reduction in revenue because of Coronavirus and restrictions imposed due to it.

Businesses with who have seen significant sales decreases of 25% or more will be eligible for loans from 10,000 € up to 250,000 € to help mitigate losses in profit. Interest rates will be from low to medium to support the businesses. Wisefund will take no commission. They will review applications within 2-3 business days and get ready for signing and publishing with the quickest possible approach.

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Borrowers are businesses with established histories, operations, and assets. Wisefund doesn’t consider questionable businesses or crazy ideas. Their position offers reliable investments for industries that struggle to obtain quick funding from banks. Wisefund also supports the added value these businesses create in the economy.

The crowdfunding industry is rapidly growing and changing the way companies fund their activities by bypassing financial giants and their strict rules and creating direct connections between individual lenders and promising businesses. Wisefund provides an excellent return on investor’s money, in fact Investors earn 18.32% per year on average.

How Investor’s Funds Are Managed:

  • Deposits: Upon completed registration investor deposits funds to the platform. Deposit details are available on the investment account.
  • Investment Account: Investor’s funds are reflected on their investment account – a flexible, straightforward account where they are in control of their funds.
  • Invest: As soon as they invest in loans and the loan is fully funded, the Borrower enters into the agreement with the Investor and the platform and receives the actual funds of the loan.
  • Commission: There are no fees for investors when investing. The Borrower covers the commission of a fully funded loan which is used to fund the platform’s operations and the protection fund.
  • Interest Payments: The Borrower makes monthly interest repayments, which are immediately credited to the investment account.
  • Principal Repayment: The Borrower repays the loan at the end of loan term. The principal is immediately credited to the investment account.

After all funds are received on the investment account, either interest or principal repayments are immediately available for withdrawal or further investments.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments,

“Wisefund is a platform where individual lenders meet businesses looking for loans, bringing business lending to a more affordable level while providing opportunities to individuals letting their free funds bring stable and above average annular returns.”

He goes on to say,

“Wisefund is one of Europe’s P2P lending platforms where our lenders are providing business loans to European SMEs across multiple sectors of the economy. We allow our lenders to make a difference to businesses and earn better interest rates while businesses are free to keep their focus where it should be….on growing their business.”

Wisefund gives people an opportunity to be part of a funding platform that is free of banking restrictions and is helping businesses to survive the Coronavirus Pandemic. Imagine being able to realize a profit on investment with the knowledge that you are also helping fellow European citizens to survive this Covad-19 crisis.

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