3 Swiss Fintech Startups Targeting South Africa

3 Swiss Fintech Startups Targeting South Africa

by September 18, 2020

3 Swiss fintech startups namely 4bridges, AgFlow and e-traid (e-commerce) were among the startups chosen to be a part of the Swiss Venture Leaders South Africa team.

The selection process for this year was so competitive that the programme included a total of 11 Swiss startups for the first time. The selection comprises of sciencepreneurs active in fintech, medtech, cleantech, and agritech.

The Swiss Venture Leaders South Africa programme aims to boost the entrepreneurial know-how, growth potential, and exposure of Swiss sciencepreneurs by offering a unique online experience that connects entrepreneurs with the innovation hotspots of South Africa.

From September 28 to October 2, the entrepreneurs will join an online market discovery programme that includes workshops with local business experts and sessions with South African startups to support each other in defining local market entry in their respective markets.

The Swiss and South African startups will also have the opportunity to pitch during the SA Innovation Summit which claims to be the largest startup event in Africa.

The programme takes place parallel to the advanced entrepreneurship training for the South African startups, a workshop culminating with the selection of the South African startup team 2020, which will attend an intense business development programme in Switzerland early next year.

The programme is supported by the Swiss government and Swiss Universities.

The following are the 11 new chosen for Venture Leaders South Africa with the first 3 being the “fintech” startups:

4bridges GmbH4bridges: Our product 4cash boosts micropayments using cryptocurrencies. For B2B relations, 4bridges offers an API to enable retail customers to pay bitcoin while retail receive Swiss Francs or Euros. For B2C, 4cash provides access via 4cash.io where users can start to make payments.

AgFlowAgFlow: Founded in Geneva in September 2013 by James Dunsterville, AgFlow SA has relaunched under new management in 2019. The company is democratising access to agricultural market data and information for players across the value chain such as brokers, traders, FMCG companies, and agricultural producers (starting 2021).


e-traid: Enable the world’s SMEs to connect to global trade through e-commerce e-traid services. e-traid helps SMEs build their e-commerce export strategy and launch into global markets via e-commerce marketplaces.

MEDICUDMEDICUD: Nonpowered vacuum-assisted closure device. We develop and commercialise a mechanically powered pump to be used in negative-pressure wound healing.

XIMMAXIMMA: We develop sustainable information modeling solutions through local parametric investigation of microclimate, social, cultural, aesthetic, and vernacular contexts of participative spatial design.

hrtechventuresHR Tech Ventures: HR business management tool that uses persona. The HR software is designed on blockchain technology. This analytics tool is built on top of existing databases and is located between business, marketing, and HR strategy.

swoxidSWOXID: The technology is based on an innovative nanoporous aerogel composite filter which – upon solar irradiation – is able to render contaminated water safe by removing and inactivating infectious disease-causing biological agents.

Evodrop AGEvodrop: We want to shape the water market sustainably with optimal water and a sustainable corporate philosophy. We ensure clean and optimal water. Whether for people, animals or plants. Whether as drinking or consumption water. Whether at home, at work, in gastronomy, in industry or in agriculture.

RisklickRisklick: We aim to develop a first-of-the-kind data-driven tool to allow end users (biopharma companies, CROs, hospitals, etc.) to identify similar clinical trials and assess risks in early steps of the protocol design.


Securaxis: Geneva-based startup specialising on privacy through sounds analytics. By combining deep AI and acoustic, the company’s product SONAL can analyse specific traffic sounds in any environment, classify them, locate and report them accurately. The sensor provides real-time data, and is particularly interesting for communities that refrain from placing cameras in public spaces.
SmartBreed GmbHSmartBreed: We offer insect breeders a local and complete breeding solution. We want to make the advantages of insects industrially usable and accessible for everyone. To reduce the breeding time and optimise breeding we work together with universities in fields such as optimal insect food (under consideration of ecological footprint), perfect light and optimal temperature and humidity. Our box is full of sensors, with which we can track and optimise breeding.

Featured image credit: Unsplash