FinTech Infographic – The Future of Money – 15 Visuals

FinTech Infographic – The Future of Money – 15 Visuals

by July 18, 2016

Technology informs just about every aspect of our lives, so it should come as no surprise that it’s having a big impact in the financial sector. FinTech, or the field of financial technology, is becoming as ubiquitous as the downtown bank: it’s multi-faceted, it’s everywhere, and millions of people are using it every day.

FinTech is exactly what it sounds like: using digital technology so that both consumers and businesses can better handle and manage their money. It’s online banking services, for sure, but FinTech is also consumer and business lending, investing, crowdfunding, and the security behind it all.

Need some help navigating these strange new waters? You’re not alone, and that’s why our friends at developed this helpful infographic by restyling Venturescanner Datas and Graphics. Check it out for a better understanding of the scope of this emerging field, as well as where the investment capital is going and where the developments are taking place.

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