Meet the 10 Fintech Finalists at the Swiss Startup Competition Venture and Winners for 2022

Meet the 10 Fintech Finalists at the Swiss Startup Competition Venture and Winners for 2022

by July 4, 2022

Switzerland’s startup competition >>venture>> has announced its list of 52 finalists for its 2022 competition.

The competition has finalists from five different verticals namely Finance and Insurance, Health and Nutrition, ICT, Retail and Consumer Services as well as Industrials and Engineering.

Their scores and evaluations revealed the top 10 startups (or 11 since there was a tie) across the 5 industry verticals.

10 Fintech Finalists for <<venture>>’s 2024 Startup Competition

These finalists, listed below in alphabetical order, will now move on to the next phase of the competition.

For the Finance and Insurance vertical, >>venture>> the 11 finalists and the 3 winners are:



Eleven Finalists for the Finance and Insurance Vertical:


Aktionariat AG

Today less than 1% of Swiss companies are listed on a stock exchange. For these companies access to capital is limited to PE&VC investments. Aktionariat offers a toolset that allows unlisted companies to create a market for their shares directly on the company’s website, enabling the public to purchase shares of previously inaccessible, unlisted companies. The solution also provides a liquid secondary market, which minimises spreads and addresses investors’ idiosyncratic risks.


Clanq AG

A mobile finance app, empowering parents to save for their children’s future. For a better performance Clanq combines savings accounts with cashback on every purchase and sustainable investments. In addition, each family member can easily contribute to reach the savings goals. The app offers automated savings processes and financial education for parents to become a financial role model for their children.

Correntics (2nd Place)

Correntics GmbH

With its data-driven approach and a deep understanding of risk, Correntics helps its clients to future-proof their supply chains and improve their financial resilience in the face of climate change and emerging risks.

iAccess Partners

iAccess Partners AG

By aggregating smaller investment amounts in bigger investment tickets, iAccess Partners AG gives access to top quartile Private Equity funds. Hence, customers can benefit from an outperforming asset class, have access to Private Equity with an investment amount starting from 25’000 Swiss Francs and benefit from a reliable and fully digital end-to-end investment process.

Kaspar& (3rd Place)

Kaspar& AG

700’000 Swiss mass affluent market customers have one and the same problem in today’s low-interest rate world: they know they should invest for tomorrow, but do not know how to start today. Kaspar& offers an all-in-one app including a Swiss bank account, a personalised payment card, an automatic transaction-based round-up mechanism that invests the resulting micro-payments and the chance to invest any amount in professionally managed investment strategies.


Kontera GmbH

Kontera reads and analyses your invoices and credit card statements, learns how you book them and syncs them back into your accounting software.



perseedU is a Swiss web3 platform that empowers talents to launch their own branded crypto tokens to fund their ambitions. Half of the purchase will be directly donated to the talent, the other half will be converted into a tradable token. Holding these tokens grants sponsors access to predefined perks (e.g. newsletter or virtual coffee chats) and pays interests. If the talent succeeds, sponsors profit from a higher resell value. Corporates can use it for PR and as an employer branding tool.

Splint Invest

Splint Invest

Splint Invest is a B2B2C platform, where retail investors can buy tokens of alternative investments. Combining smart contracts, DLT and AI, Splint tokenises assets effortlessly and in a fully automated fashion, thus making it possible to offer access to unserved retail customers when it comes to portfolio diversification and alternative investments.



Private markets asset classes are scattered and restricted by gatekeepers, making them difficult to navigate and pushing up expenses. This causes the paradox of choice, where investors struggle to find their ideal products, while simultaneously being excluded from attractive investment opportunities. By combining technological advances in blockchain and the team’s investment experience, Swise aims to solve these problems for the next generations.

VERITIC (1st Place)

The current NFT user experience is not yet ripe for the mainstream. Custody will be a key driver of adoption, as was the case for cryptocurrencies. VERITIC aims to be no. 1 in the NFT custody space. Clients include both blockchains, for which no custody capability exist (e.g., Casper, our first paying client), as well as institutions aiming to provide a custodial purchasing experience to their fans / collectors.