New Swiss Fintech Startup Map December 2021 (Christmas Edition)

New Swiss Fintech Startup Map December 2021 (Christmas Edition)

by December 14, 2021

Swisscom has released the updated Swiss Fintech Startup Map for December 2021, welcoming 6 new Swiss startups for this month Christmas Edition

The map provides regular updates on the Swiss fintech landscape in the region now displays a grand total of 363 Swiss fintech startups.

For this month the map welcomes elleXX universe AG, LibertyGreen, swisspay, impactvise AG,Hypodossier  and Oper Credits are featured on the map the first time.

elleXX universe AG

elleXXlleXX ist die unabhängige Geld-Medien-Plattform für Frauen. Sie bringt Inhalte und Investieren zusammen. Frauen haben andere Lebensläufe als Männer. Sie verdienen weniger, erhalten schlechtere Kreditkonditionen, tiefere Darlehen, überziehen eher ihre Konten, zahlen mehr Gebühren und investieren weniger. Sie arbeiten mehr Teilzeit, erben weniger und leben länger. Das wirkt sich alles negativ auf ihre Finanzen aus.


LibertyGreenLibertyGreen is one of the Liberty Pension foundations. Liberty Pension was founded in 2005 and is one of the leading independent full-service providers of occupational benefit schemes and private retirement savings plans in Switzerland.


swisspaySwissPay allows you to pay your bills with your credit card. This means that your bills are paid immediately, but you still have your capital at your disposal and therefore have greater liquidity.

impactvise AG

impactvise AGThrough Analytics that track a law firm’s ESG initiatives and progress, an ESG-focused business training Academy with @INSEAD, and bespoke Advisory services through sustainability experts @Ampersand Partners, impactvise’s “Triple A” approach is geared towards tracking and accelerating impact in the legal profession. In so doing, the platform also creates efficiencies for law firms and in-house general counsels to streamline the hiring and retention of representation that matches on not only skills and fees, but values and fit.

Hypodossier AG

HypoDossierHypoDossier is a document processing software, designed uniquely to meet the requirements of Swiss lenders.

Oper Credits AG

OperOper gives the paper-based mortgage industry access to a digital future. Oper’s white-labelled product allows lenders to digitize the mortgage process from contact to contract. Increasing customer conversion and lowering the cost of a mortgage transaction.

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