SIX Acquires Stakes in daura and Joins Trusted Digital Asset Ecosystem

SIX Acquires Stakes in daura and Joins Trusted Digital Asset Ecosystem

by December 18, 2019

Players in the Swiss ecosystem for digital assets are joining forces: the digital asset collaboration between Swisscom, daura, Sygnum Bank, Custodigit and MME will now include SIX.

SIX is acquiring a stake in daura AG. This cooperation will strengthen the establishment of consistent technical standards and workflows in the Swiss ecosystem for digital assets. Deutsche Börse will now contribute its expertise, with which it has so far actively supported the development of the Swiss ecosystem, to projects in Germany and the EU that have become possible due to new regulatory developments.

The parties have agreed not to disclose the amount of the investments.

SIX is building a fully integrated financial market infrastructure for digital assets in the form of SIX Digital Exchange (SDX). This will offer companies the opportunity to issue digital security tokens. At the same time, SDX will allow trading, settlement and custody of these digital assets in real time and within a regulated framework. SIX has entered into a collaboration with R3 to develop this platform. The SDX prototype has been operating in a test environment since last September in collaboration with major international banks and is expected to go live next year.

Daura offers unlisted companies a platform for a digital share register and the issue of security tokens. One digital token represents one newly created share. Functionally, the token is an unchangeable digital key created directly by the company. This enables SMEs to sell stakes in their company to new investors over the Internet.