Swiss Fintech Startup Map August 2019: 6 New Swiss Fintech Join the Ecosystem

Swiss Fintech Startup Map August 2019: 6 New Swiss Fintech Join the Ecosystem

by August 12, 2019

Swisscom released the new Swiss Fintech Startup Map August 2019. The new Swiss Fintech map counts now 334 Startups.

6 new Swiss Fintech “Startups” joined the map, including Facebooks Libra in Geneva:


AccointingAccointing is the accounting, tracking and tax optimization tool for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We are a team of passionate blockchain Investors and believers that have come together to create the most comprehensive and simple to use taxes and tracking tool in the blockchain space.


ZenaiZENAI is a Zurich, Switzerland based expert in machine learning. Zenai provides strategic machine learning services and develops augmented intelligence software for financial institutions and the like.


IFINITY AGIFINITY AG is an independent service provider committed to strengthening the operational efficiency and regulatory compliance of independent asset managers (IAMs). Thanks to IFINITY’s unique service offering IAMs are able to focus on client interaction as their core „USP“.


Sysmosoft SASysmosoft SA is a Swiss company, specializing in providing highly secured telecommunication solutions for mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad and Android, for companies requiring protected access to sensitive data remotely.


libraThe Libra Association is working to empower people around the world through the creation of a simple global currency.


Gordon nowEmpower organizations to create mutually rewarding interactions with its users by providing a near-zero fee transaction platform.

Swiss FinTech Map august 2019

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