The Swiss Fintech Startup Map Welcomes 8 Newcomers in September

The Swiss Fintech Startup Map Welcomes 8 Newcomers in September

by September 14, 2020

The Swisscom Fintech Startup Map released the new Swiss Fintech Startup Map for September 2020.

Eight new Swiss Fintech Startups have made their way onto the map.


WISEDUP and its partners operate an ecosystem for real estate (investment) solutions.


ImmoZins AGImmoZins offers property investors three different investment models. Common to all of them is the high level of transparency, for which the start-up company developed its own software, and the assumption of risk. ImmoZins invests in the projects and is 50% co-owner.

aXedras Group

aXedras Group AGThe Bullion Integrity Ledger™ is the trusted digital network for product and data integrity in the bullion market


FidectusFidectus is a Swiss-based company founded for the purpose of solving the specific problem of electronic settlement matching (eSM) together with and for the European OTC energy trading industry.


PrivatamThe Privatam Structured Product Managed Portfolio Service adopts a portfolio approach, as opposed to the traditional ad hoc selection of individual structured notes to provide investors with an efficient and effective way to invest in structured products.

Scrypt Asset Management

Scrypt Asset ManagementScrypt is a Swiss asset management company with a focus on technology and quantitative investment strategies in Digital Assets. 



Platform Pillar Switzerland (PSS) is an online platform which for the first time enables lenders and every other private investor to benefit from the professional possibilities of a pension fund. For this purpose, PSS offer so-called pension fund strategy funds, which for the first time enable private investors to invest like a pension fund.



Founded in 2020, the radynamics falls under the technology cluster for process digitisation /automatisation /robotics in the map. Not much details are available on this startup.


It is worth noting that as of now, there is a grand total of 362 Swiss Fintech Startups on Swisscom’s map.


Swiss Fintech Startup Map September 2020