The Top 12 Classed Swiss Fintech Startups 2018

The Top 12 Classed Swiss Fintech Startups 2018

by September 7, 2018 publish every year a list of Top 100 Best Swiss Startups. Last year we counted 7  Swiss Fintech Startups, this year we already count 12.

Though only Advanon made it into the Top 10 and the Crypto Finance AG made it with 2 ventures into the Top 100 (Rank 25 and 73). Advanon and Crypto Finance aro both also in our list of the best funded Swiss Fintechs .

The best Newcomer Fintech Startup is Price Hubble which is ranked #40.  The Crowdfunding Real Estate Startup kicked out competitor Crowdhouse from the Top 100 List.

Other top fintech newcomers are Loanboox, Regtech Startup Apiax and Blockchain Startup Melonport.

Top Classed Fintech Startups 2018

#9 – Advanon

AdvanonAdvanon is an Online Platform for invoice financing for Small- and Medium Businesses. By selling invoices on our platform, companies can easily manage their cash flows in a quick and flexible way allowing them to focus on their core business.




#25 – Crypto Real Estate AG (Swiss Real Coin)

swissrealcoinSwissRealCoin is a stable crypto token with an inner value that reduces volatility and allows you to diversify your crypto portfolio.SRC enables easy access to the Swiss real estate market, provides voting rights, and is far more efficient and transparent than direct real estate investments or classic real estate funds.



#37 – Biowatch SA

biowatchbiowatch envisions a world with seamless transactions and an uncompromised level of security and privacy.” Your bracelet is a digital vault, and your wrist is the key. Feel like a 007 agent and save your precious time with our technology.



#40 – PriceHubble AG

pricehubblePriceHubble is a PropTech company, set to radically improve the understanding and transparency of real estate markets based on data-driven insights. We want to enable smarter real estate decisions by bringing the latest in machine learning, big data analytics and ultra-convenient data visualization to market participants along the entire real estate value chain.



#57 – Loanboox GmbH

loanboxLoanboox is the independent Swiss money and capital market platform for public sector borrowers and institutional investors. More than 14 billion Swiss francs have been requested through Loanboox and more than 900 borrowers and 300 lenders are already active.




#65 – Apiax AG

apiaxApiax is a RegTech pioneer, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Apiax’s vision is to become a digital lighthouse in a regulated world by making compliance lean, easy and efficient.




#66 – Melonport AG

melonportMelonport is the private company building the open-source Melon Protocol. The Melon protocol is a blockchain protocol for digital asset management built on the Ethereum platform.




#73 – Crypto Fund AG

crypto fund agThe Crypto Fund AG aims to offer investors safe and familiar access to the rapidly growing market for cryptocurrencies. The company was founded in Zug, Switzerland, by a team of successful banking professionals, entrepreneurs and investors.





SonectSONECT pioneers Virtual ATMs. It democratizes the process of cash distribution so that a significant portion of the value chain can be eliminated in order to make the process faster, cheaper and safer.




#85 – Futurae Technologies AG

FuturaeFuturae founded by Sandra Tobler, Claudio Marforio and Nikos Karapanos provides a strong two-factor authentication (2FA) suite that offers a high level of security to businesses and individuals to protect their accounts and sensitive user data, while at the same time improving the customer experience.



#88 – Legal Technology Switzerland AG (Proxeus)

proxeusThe blockchain and smart contract universe is currently only visible to parties that are running a node, use a client or have access to a blockchain-enabled service. Most of today’s systems rely on legacy infrastructure and are not yet able to interact directly with blockchains. New interfaces must be developed in order to give them access to the benefits provided by decentralised ledgers.



#93 – Monito

monitoMonito is the for the $600B international money transfer industry, comparing the rates of more than 456 money transfer operators and banks across 195 countries. We are building the world’s biggest database of live and historic international money transfer rates, helping both migrants and money transfer operators make the most out of their money with data intelligence and transparency.



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