The 10 Biggest Fintech Companies In America

The 10 Biggest Fintech Companies In America

by September 7, 2017

The U.S. is now home to 13 Fintech unicorns who have scored valuations of at least $1 billion. This year Robinhood, AvidXChange and Symphony joined the billion-dollar club.

Here are the ten most valuable private venture-backed Fintech players based in the U.S. The list is from Forbes.

1. Stripe

Value: $9.2 billion* | Founded: 2010

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Founders: Patrick and John Collison

CEO: Patrick Collison | 

Stripe allows merchants to accept online and mobile payments

2. SoFi

Value: $4.3 billion | Founded: 2011

Founders: Mike Cagney, Dan Macklin, James Finnigan, Ian Brady, Andy Carra

CEO: Mike Cagney |    

SoFi offers student loan refinancing and other services to Millennials


3. GreenSky

Value: $3.6 billion | Founded: 2006

Founders: David Zalik, Larry Smith

CEO: David Zalik |   

GreenSky provides on-the-spot financing for home-improvement projects via its network of contractors. (For more, check out Forbes’ cover story on GreenSky.)


4. Credit Karma

Value: $3.5 billion | Founded: 2007

Founders: Kenneth Lin, Nichole Mustard, Ryan Graciano

CEO: Kenneth Lin |     

Credit Karma offers free credit scores and recommendations for credit cards and loans


5. Oscar

Value: $2.7 billion | Founded: 2013

Founders: Josh Kushner, Mario Schlosser, Kevin Nazemi

CEO: Mario Schlosser |   

Oscar makes it simpler to buy and use health insurance under Obamacare


6. Avant

Avant Fintech StartupValue: $2 billion | Founded: 2012

Founders: Al Goldstein, John Sun, Paul Zhang

CEO: Al Goldstein |  

Avant make quick online loans to consumers with lower credit scores


7. Zenefits

Value: $2 billion | Founded: 2013

Founders: Parker Conrad, Laks Srini

CEO: Jay Fulcher |   

Zenefits sells a cloud-based human resources platform for businesses


8. Prosper

Value: $1.9 billion | Founded: 2005

Founders: Chris Larsen, John Witchel

CEO: David Kimball |   

Prosper connects borrowers and investors for unsecured personal loans


9. AvidXchange

Value: $1.4 billion | Founded: 2000

Founders: Michael Praeger, David Miller

CEO: Michael Praeger |   

AvidXchange automates invoicing and bill payments for businesses


10. Robinhood

Value: $1.3 billion | Founded: 2013

Founders: Baiju Bhatt, Vladimir Tenev

Co-CEOs: Baiju Bhatt, Vladimir Tenev |   

Robinhood offers free trades of stocks and ETFs via mobile app



Valuations are from PitchBook and CB Insights.