Robinhood Officially Starts in UK

Robinhood Officially Starts in UK

by August 8, 2019

Robinhood has been authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, which regulates U.K. financial services, to operate as a broker in the U.K.

This authorization will enable Robinhoood to bring their investing platform to customers in the U.K..

Additionally, Robinhood announced that Wander Rutgers was appointed President of Robinhood International. He will lead the U.K. business and oversee our new London office. Wander has a deep background in fintech, joining us from Plum, where he spearheaded the investing and savings product. Before that, Wander led product, compliance, and operations teams at TransferWise, and was instrumental in expanding into new markets.

Wander Rutgers

Wander Rutgers

“Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for Robinhood, and we’re excited to take the first important step towards bringing our investing platform to customers in the U.K. I’m thrilled to be a part of Robinhood and our effort to expand into a new international market.”

– Wander Rutgers, President, Robinhood International



Featured image credit: Robinhood

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