TWINT Reaches 5 Million Users Milestone

TWINT Reaches 5 Million Users Milestone

by February 21, 2023

TWINT starts the new year by achieving the milestone of 5 million active users. Transaction figures are also setting records, with users of the TWINT app having twinted around 386 million times in 2022. This is higher than the number of transactions for all previous years since the founding of TWINT combined.

TWINT continued its strong growth in 2022. More and more people in Switzerland count on the app in all sorts of everyday situations and in January the app passed the mark of 5 million active users. This is a milestone, as more than half of the people in Switzerland use the versatile features of the app. However, this was not the only record that TWINT was able to achieve in the past year. TWINT users carried out a total of 386 million transactions in 2022. This is more than in all of the previous years since the app was launched combined.

Annual TWINT transactions

Markus Kilb

Markus Kilb

“We are delighted that more than half of the people in Switzerland now count on TWINT in their day-to-day lives”,

explains Markus Kilb, CEO of TWINT.

“TWINT has become a symbol for the digital simplification of everyday life. What’s more, it has made Switzerland one of the leading countries in Europe in terms of mobile payments”.

Whether paying at the cash register, online, at farm shops or when visiting the cinema with friends, the possible applications of TWINT are growing just as steadily as its use. While the app is most frequently used at the supermarket checkout, it is also very popular for purchasing tickets for public transport, paying parking fees and for shopping in neighbourhood stores and specialist retailers.



Featured image credit: TWINT

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