Valuu Triples Mortgage Volume in Its Second Year of Operations

Valuu Triples Mortgage Volume in Its Second Year of Operations

by February 4, 2021

Valuu, a fully digital mortgage brokerage platform in Switzerland launched by PostFinance, reported that it has tripled the volume of mortgages brokered compared to its first year in operations.

Given this, Valuu said that it is looking to expand its range to include more services this year.

Valuu is an app that allows future homeowners and those who want to refinance a mortgage to find suitable property financing digitally.


At first it was only available as a mobile app in German, but the web version and French version was launched a few months later.

Since its launch in January 2019, Valuu has already financed hundreds of millions of francs worth of mortgages with around 12,000 users and collaborated with 29 lenders who represent over 100 leading Swiss banks, insurance companies and pension funds.

Thomas Jakob valuu

Thomas Jakob

Thomas Jakob, Head of Valuu said,

“We wanted to prove that we could perform well in this very competitive market. By tripling volume and doubling the number of users, we have done even better. More and more people understand the opportunities the transparent comparison and digital conclusion of a mortgage offer, as well as how much money they can save in the process.


The vast majority of users can complete the digital process on their own without any problems. However, if someone would like a more in-depth consultation, because it is their first mortgage for example, they should be able to have one,”


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