Switzerland’s Newest Crowdlending, Invoice Outlet and Crowdfunding Platform

Switzerland’s Newest Crowdlending, Invoice Outlet and Crowdfunding Platform

by March 16, 2017

With the aim of giving both borrowers and lenders more freedom and control over their loans, 3circlefunding allows borrowers to set loan interest rates and investors to sell loan parts in its secondary market. This makes 3circlefunding one of the few secondary market providers in Switzerland.

In the past few years, Switzerland has seen a proliferation of crowdlending and crowdfunding platforms pop up. Each has specialised in a singular form of social lending with a particular customer in mind: SMEs, startups, and individuals, etc. The 3circlefunding platform makes it easy for businesses large and small as well as individuals to lend and borrow. This latest fintech startup brings together capital, commerce and causes into a unified 3circlefundingplatform.

With one simple login, users have access to an array of crowddriven-financial-services including Crowdlending, Invoice Outlet and Crowdfunding. Borrowers can set their own interest rates, and 3circlefunding validates, verifies and credit rates borrowers as well as vets lenders. With borrowers determining the interest rate they are willing to offer, the market is free to decide who gets funded.

For lenders, 3circlefunding offers a secondary market for selling loan parts (Crowdlending & Invoice Outlet loans). The secondary market allows funders a way out of an investment should their circumstances change and new opportunities arise. Investors also have an automated way of investing via 3circlefunding’s Autoinvest function. With Autoinvest, lenders predefine their personal investment criteria for funding both Crowdlending and Invoice Outlet loans.

With easily accessible and transparent fees, 3circlefunding sets itself apart and distinguishes between individual and business borrowing needs. For their fee, the platform provides credit checks of borrowers (and debtors for the Invoice Outlet) and assigns them an indicative credit rating, creates and manages the electronic exchange of loan agreement contracts, and collects, receives and distributes loan repayments.

3circlefunding’s new, all-in-one crowdfinancing platform was built with transparency and fairness for lenders and borrowers at the center. Borrowers get to set their own loan interest rate, and lenders have the freedom to move their investment capital around. With its diverse offerings, 3circlefunding is sure to find many users and grow its community quickly.

3circlefundingPictures via 3circlefunding.ch/