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“BORN IN SWITZERLAND” Swiss Original Fintech Overview Map Update: 172 Companies

Luc Schuurmans, Head Private Banking, Executive Management at Bank Linth LLB AG,  put together an updated overview map of Fintech Companies “Born in Switzerland”. Since his last update, he collected 11 more Swiss Fintechs- Legartis, Yoordi, Yoordi, blockimmo, Scripts, immozins, invemo, algotrade, altcoinomy,

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The Swiss Blockchain Ecosystem

We came across of 2 new Blockchain and Swiss Crypto Maps. Let us know in the comments who is missing. The Swiss Blockchain Ecosystem January 2018 Investments, Asset Management, Payments Blockhaus Bity Bancor Xapo Lykke Lakeside Partners Smart Valor Corion

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