“BORN IN SWITZERLAND” Swiss Original Fintech Overview Map Update: 175 Companies

“BORN IN SWITZERLAND” Swiss Original Fintech Overview Map Update: 175 Companies

by November 18, 2019
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Luc Schuurmans, Head Private Banking, Executive Management at Bank Linth LLB AG,  put together an updated overview map of Fintech Companies “Born in Switzerland”.

Since his last update, he collected 4 Fintech Startup more – mimic, atfinity, Aximetria and realAdvisor

Here are the descriptions of all the startups listed in Luc’s map:


Verve Capital Partners Ltd. operates investiere.ch, a disruptive early-stage and equity gap financier. Based in Zug, Switzerland, Verve Capital Partners was launched in December 2007, with the aim to develop and implement innovative financing concepts for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) while connecting private investors directly to SME investments.




WeCan.Fund connects investors to the best Swiss SMEs seeking crowdfunded loans. They provide a secure, user-friendly, transparent platform that will revolutionize SME financing.




Swiss Crowdfunding is The First Swiss Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform. They have the right of sale of real estate for a total value of over 2 billions Euros: this includes housing estate, for profit, accommodation facilities and many hotels in spread throughout 8 different countries in Europe.



Top 30 FinTech Startups crowdhouse


Bricks & Bytes AG provides with crowdhouse.ch the first real estate crowd funding platform in Switzerland. By democratizing the way of being a real estate owner it makes everyone a happy landlord.





wemakeit.com was founded in Switzerland in February 2012 by the communication consultant Rea Eggli, the artist Johannes Gees and the interaction designer Jürg Lehni and within very short time grew into one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in Europe.




Propmatch.ch We are a 2015 founded PropTech Startup from Basel. Our goal is to make B2B real estate transactions (investment properties and real estate) more efficient. We help real estate professionals with our open and free analytics platform to make better decisions. Through the combination of Big Data, GIS and Analytics, we enable intelligent matching between sellers, properties and buyers of all sizes throughout Switzerland.



Projektstarter ist eine Crowdfunding-Plattform mit Sitz in Solothurn, welche seit dem Jahr 2011 tollen Ideen und ihren Machern eine Möglichkeit zur Finanzierung bietet. Sie ist in Besitz der Designatelier GmbH. ProjektStarter bietet den Menschen im Raum Schweiz die Möglichkeit ihre Idee oder ihr Projekt zu finanzieren.




100-days.net (St. Jakobstrasse 54a, CH-8004 Zurich) is a limited company which is 100% owned by Ron Orp GmbH, based in Zurich. The site’s managers and founders are Romano Strebel, Christian Klinner and Ron Orp.




DealMarket is a global online platform for fundraising and deal flow management – a one‐stop shop for Private Equity & Corporate Finance professionals. DealMarket counts more than 15,000 active private equity professionals from 159 countries and is growing fast. Global leading banks like UBS use DealMarket’s deal flow management tools like hundreds of Investors, Associations and Networks trust our comprehensive service offering for Private Equity.


Top 30 FinTech Startups go beyondGo Beyond Investing brings together a group of private accredited investors dedicated to providing early-stage capital with entrepreneurs seeking investment capital. Go Beyond Investing enables novice & experienced, small & large investors, to access angel investing as an asset class through its unique platform, tools, training and expert angels.




SoSense is a pioneer in digital social innovation with offices in Zürich (Switzerland) and Berlin (Germany). They design creative and engaging concepts, implement innovative and empowering solutions and help run impactful campaigns with leverage.




CreditGate24 connects borrowers with private and institutional investors and offers an efficient and scalable settlement of loans. CreditGate24 operates exclusively online, with no branches or high administrative expenses in order not to diminish the yields on investment and to minimize the cost for borrowers.



Advanon is an authorized financial intermediary that is directly subordinated to FINMA (Directly Subordinated Financial Intermediary, DSFI) according to the Anti Money Laundering Act (AMLA).




Suricate Solutions Sàrl a développé GoHeidi, une plateforme web de financement participatif basée sur la précommande d’un produit/service afin d’aider toute personne à réaliser son projet.




Veolis provides a Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting Platform for sustainable projects in Switzerland, for example: Renewable Energy Projects, Cleantech Company; processes and legal contracts between Project Owner and Investor are simplified and standardized.




c-crowd represents a new way of financing entrepreneurs while democratising the concept of business angels, brings together innovative entrepreneurs and investors.




Loanboox is the independent money and capital market platform for public-sector borrowers and institutional investors. In contrast to conventional brokering, financing and investing through Loanboox is simple, transparent, safe and low cost, benefiting both borrowers and lenders alike.




SWISS STARTER the first equity crowdfunding platform in Ticino (Switzerland), wants to be a real support to help new startup that needed funds to start their project or to carry on existing projects in the critical steps.




BloomioBloomio is a digital investment platform connecting startups with individual investors. The platform allows startup founders to raise capital by tokenizing equity and gives investors the possibility to trade startup stakes through a secure blockchain-based marketplace.




Swiss Crowdlending FinTech for private persons and SME. Crowd Solutions is the provider of Crowd4Cash.ch the innovative Crowdlending platform. Crowd4Cash brings investors and borrower together. For better returns for the investors and lower interest rates for borrower. 100% online, easy and simply fair!




swisspeers  ist eine unabhängige Crowdlending Plattform, die es Unternehmen erlaubt, bei Investoren direkt – also ohne Zwischen­schaltung eines Finanzinstituts – Fremdkapital zu beschaffen.





creditworld verbindet Schweizer KMUs mit privaten sowie professionellen Investoren. KMUs profitieren von attraktiven Konditionen und fairen Vertragsbedingungen. Investoren erhalten Zugang zu einer neuen Anlageklasse mit interessanten Renditen und unterstützen dabei das Rückgrat der Schweizer Volkswirtschaft.



Top 30 FinTech Startups Splendit

Splendit matches students and investor in an auction process, issue documentation and manages payments through the lifetime of the loans.





Acredius is an online platform that makes investors’ and borrowers’ needs meet in an unconventional, digital, intuitive and safe environment. Investors can diversify their portfolios and enjoy interesting yields. Borrowers get access to fair financing using their traditional and non-traditional data.



lendoraLendora is a Swiss crowdlending startup. Our platform connects borrowers and investors online to make credit more accessible and investing more rewarding.




foxstoneFoxstone is a Swiss real estate crowdfunding platform. The platform proposes institutional-grade real estate deals in Switzerland through three types of investments: co-ownership, co-investment and mezzanine debt with a minimum investment amount of CHF 25’000.



Credit Exchange AGFührend in Immobilienfinanzierungen in der Schweiz Wir schaffen eine Verbindung zwischen Hypothekarkunden und institutionellen Kreditgebern und erreichen dadurch den besten Zins in Echtzeit. Dabei stehen wir für Integrität, Neutralität, Transparenz und die Sicherheit des Hypothekarmarktes. Unsere Partner zählen zu den Besten auf ihrem Gebiet, teilen unsere Werte und stehen für unternehmerisches Wachstum.



GREEN[]MATCHGreenmatch combines the perspectives of all market participants on one single platform and allows for an efficient interaction. Thanks to the independent, certified financial model, discussions regarding deviations between the financial models of the buyer and the seller do no longer occur. Detailed risk analysis strengthen the trust of banks and accelerate the closure of the project financing. Thus, each market participant saves valuable time and can focus more on his key competences.


tradeplus24Tradeplus24 specialises in providing Swiss KMUs with state of the art Insurance and Receivables Finance solutions. Unlike factoring, our innovative solution offers SMEs the opportunity to get a flexible credit line against their accounts receivable whilst offering them the option to insure their global accounts receivables against default. This way Swiss KMU’s can grow their export business in a financially sound and safe way, even when their buyers demand longer payment terms and want to trade own open account basis.


SystemcreditSystemcredit is a service provider to the lending industry. As the external rating agency, it helps SME to get suitable financing faster, at lower cost. And it enables lenders to grow their loan portfolios at reduced risk and lower process cost.




bobbob verbindet zuverlässige Finanzlösungen mit technischem Komfort und macht Ihnen mit seinen Online-Produkten das Leben so einfach wie möglich.





3circlefundingWith the aim of giving both borrowers and lenders more freedom and control over their loans, 3circlefunding allows fwealborrowers to set loan interest rates and investors to sell loan parts in its secondary market. This makes 3circlefunding one of the few secondary market providers in Switzerland.





moneyguru.ch ist der digitale Assistent für private Finanzen in der Schweiz. Der Moneyguru ist von den Gründern von moneyland.ch ins Leben gerufen worden. Die unabhängige Vergleichsseite moneyland.ch ist sozusagen die Mutter, die Datenlieferantin und der Rechner von Moneyguru.





Crowd Trading‘s objective is to bring a revolution to the world wide online financial services being the first on the market to offer a social trading platform to collectively manage portfolios of financial assets through a decision-making system for public groups of investors (herein “crowd”) and an automated trades replication within the crowd.



adviceonline.ch, the complete and regulatory conform Onboarding, Profiling, Opening Document Management, Advisory and Consolidation Suite for EAM and Banks.





Investment Navigator is operated by Investment Navigator AG based in Zurich. Investment Navigator AG works closely with fundinfo, the leading platform for information and mandatory disclosures in the fund sector.




InvestGlass is a 24/7 financial markets platform built with Swiss banking know-how and a predictive algorithm. Their goal is to deliver smart financial information investors need at the right time and in the right format. Equities, Bonds, Forex, ETF, Futures, News and much more…




FLYNT reinvents platforms, services and experiences that put clients in control of their wealth. We see wealth as a means to follow life’s dreams, ambitions and aspirations. Wealth is a gateway to opportunity. Our mission is to transform how our clients realise these opportunities – in the most fluid, dynamic and rewarding way possible.



Top 30 FinTech Startups Sentifi

Sentifi is a leading Crowd-Intelligence platform for financial markets globally, receiving Swiss FinTech Award 2016. Their unique approach is to structure unstructured financial data from news, blogs and social media, identify and rank the sources for their relevance and apply self-learning algorithms and a financial expert system to extract insights from the content.



Qumram enables every digital interaction – web, social and mobile – to be recorded and replayed, at any time, providing a complete digital audit trail for financial services organisations, in accordance with key global regulatory requirements (MIFID-II, SEC, FINRA and more).




SwissMetrics is a dynamic startup from Switzerland that has a mission to enhance the way companies monitor their credit risk. As finance professionals, they have developed a SaaS platform with the aim of promoting smarter collaboration within companies to work for a common goal – saving money through risk minimization.




With diverse academic backgrounds ranging from information technology, mathematics, business administration, political sciences and philosophy, economics, design, linguistics and psychology, Adviscent‘s team of experts brings solid domain expertise on board in the banking, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and food industries.



MeetInvest seeks to democratize stock market investment with a free service that combines a social media platform and an investor toolkit, bringing in one place all the necessary resources for people to start trading like pros.




By leveraging technology, Dein-Anlageberater.ch provides users with personalized investment advisory services and recommendations for asset allocation at a much lower price than traditional investment advisers.





CrowdInvest.ch ist die erste Plattform der Schweiz, bei der jedermann die Kursentwicklung von Aktien prognostizieren kann. Denn wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zeigen, dass kollektives Wissen besser ist als einzelne Expertenmeinungen. Werde jetzt Teil von crowdinvest.ch und miss dich mit den Finanzexperten.



Nectar Financial, formerly Etops, is a Swiss fintech company specializing in wealth and asset management. It provides middle and back office services for more than 30 family offices, independent asset managers and banks and supports them in managing assets in excess of CHF 35 billion.




Riskifier makes investment risk profiling simple, fun and insightful for everyone. Our solution uses latest advances of artificial intelligence to fulfill the requirements of MiFID II/FIDLEG investor risk profiling and KYC data collection, while digitalizing & gamifying user experience as well unleashing advantages of behavior based personalized investment risk profiles.



Pricehubble a Swiss based company, focusing on international real estate markets. We integrate top academic and industry experience in machine learning, computer science, econometrics, mathematics, statistics, financial services and consulting. We develop innovative solutions to support real estate decision making.



EdgeLab is a fintech company providing an investment intelligence web platform to help financial institutions taking smarter decisions.





Apiax is a compliance digitally mastered. We transform complex regulations into easy-to-use digital compliance rules.





theScreener is the market leader for independent valuations of financial securities, equities, sectors and markets, and new funds.




alethenaAlethena is the first Swiss ICO and Blockchain-Asset Rating Agency and Due Diligence Service Provider.

With deep technical insight, vast financial market experience, and a conclusive rating methodology, Alethena bridges the gap between blockchain and established investors. As a Swiss company neutrality is a core of our culture.



Crypto Finance

Crypto Finance AG is a financial technology holding company founded in June 2017. The Group provides blockchain-related services through its three subsidiaries: Crypto Fund AG (Asset Management), Crypto Broker AG (Brokerage), and Crypto Storage AG (Storage).




crowdparkThe Swiss Real Estate sector is one of the most economically and politically stable in the world. It is very popular with institutional investors and remains difficult to access for private investors.

In fact, the heterogeneity of properties, their acquisition values, the complexity of financing them and the retention of information signifies that this market still remains relatively inefficient.

Based on these observations, Crowdpark SA, established on December 1st 2017 in Geneva, is an independent company specialized in Swiss Real Estate Crowd-Investing.


levaLeva sets the new standard for investment syndicates. At the intersection of finance and technology, Leva has developed a novel technology to bring investment syndicates into the 21st century. Our platform allows a fully automated syndicate creation. With Leva, syndicate leaders can conveniently onboard new investors, manage the investor base, and raise capital efficiently.



propmatchDer erste Robo Advisor für die Immobilienwirtschaft. propmatch ist die einfache Lösung zur Analyse, Bewertung und Vermittlung von Standorten, Renditeimmobilien und Grundstücken in der Schweiz.




smolioSmolio ist dein Finanzbuddy. Wir begleiten dich und verkaufen keine Finanzprodukte. Anders als andere profitieren wir nicht versteckt von unseren Empfehlungen. Was du bezahlst finanziert die künftige Entwicklung von Smolio. Eben unabhängig.




ex indiciisex indiciis believe that customer relationship is at the core of the wealth management industry. As a consequence we provide wealth managers with the necessary tools to deliver personalized content to any user interacting with the company through any digital channel.




GQFGQF is a Swiss FinTech disrupting traditional asset management through quantitative methods and artificial intelligence. Lead by a dynamic group of young minds, GQF’s mission is to democratise this disruptive concept at reasonable fees. GQF offers quantitative investment products as well as services to enhance traditional asset management.



atfinity atfinity disrupt the way thousands of businesses manage processes: We give business users the tools to create apps for simple or complex processes themselves. Banks use our “Excel of processes”​ for create digital onboarding solutions, other companies manage their employment contracts with us.



RealAdvisorRealAdvisor a pour mission d’améliorer et optimiser votre expérience de vente et d’achat de biens immobiliers en Suisse grâce à des outils modernes et précis.






Performace Watcher Evaluating and comparing the result of one’s investment portfolio must be accessible to everyone. Our aim is to popularize and demystify a traditionally opaque field. We believe in explanations that are simple, clear and understandable to everyone. With the disappearance of Swiss banking secrecy, increased competition, the Internet and a new generation of customers the transparency of results is born.



onedotOnedot is a Swiss company making data consumable across sources and boundaries. Onedot’s artificial intelligence (AI)-driven software helps businesses reduce manual work in data management by 8x, speed up time-to-market by 90% and increase revenue up to 10%. Onedot makes this possible by radically improving data quality–automating the data integration, cleaning and categorisation process.




Additiv develops and implements digital innovations and business models for financial services companies – tailor-made and turnkey.




Qedos designs beautiful & innovative solutions for wealth managers. Their solutions revolutionise the way wealth managers and their client interact. They help wealth managers provide tailored advice, provide a better client experience, achieve superior investment performance, comply with regulations and work more efficiently.



Founded in 2007, NetGuardians was the first company to emerge from the innovation incubator Y-Parc, in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. The company now enjoys a solid international presence with a steadily growing clientele in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.




Top 30 FinTech Startups fundbaseFundBase is a cloud-based platform to ultimately host the complete investment process for high-conviction alternative investments. Fundbase delivers to qualified investors a seamlessly integrated platform to discover, execute and monitor complex investments such as hedge funds, private equity and other high-conviction investments.



Pure Value Metrics provides active investors with a unique combination of Global Equity Portfolio Selection, Market Insight, Online Trading and discretionary Voice Execution.




ADDFIN is a business solution for professional investors who seek to benefit and leverage on the full potential offered by digitalization and information technology in order to standardize the workflow, processes and procedures.




Centralway Numbrs is a customer-centric financial services company. It enables its customers to manage their existing bank accounts and personal finances and to buy any financial product from every provider at the best possible price.






Monetas develops technologies that empower people to live and do business with greater freedom than ever before, and that make financial inclusion a reality.





Interaction Partners is a Swiss-based Investor Relations Services firm with a focus on facilitating broker-independent trust-building, live interactions (roadshows) between listed corporates and institutional investors in Zurich, Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lugano, Milan and London.




We believe that great decision makers are the ones that ask the right questions. Veezoo empowers them to find the answers efficiently by themselves. We make complex information easy to understand by answering any question with a clean visualization.




Lykke is a Swiss Fintech company building a global marketplace based on blockchain. It builds on decades of thought and research by company founder Richard Olsen, a pioneer in the field of high-frequency finance. Richard served as co-founder and CEO of OANDA, a leading foreign exchange company. Lykke received initial seed funding in 2015.




Oyoba is a finance-as-a-service platform, providing its users access to a wide range of fintech and blockchain services, including bank accounts, Bitcoin wallets, robo advisory, lending, P2P payments and debit cards. Oyoba’s vision is to turn consumer banking into a modern information service by using personal, financial and other data to create new, personalized and better services.



spitchSpitch is a Swiss provider of solutions based on Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and voice biometrics, Voice User Interfaces (VUI), and natural language voice data analytics.




moneygridMoneygrid is born out of the vision that currency systems should be as diverse as possible and that they should connected to each other if it does make sense.





Altoo has developed its wealth platform in co-creatorship with its clients. Our independence and diversity enables us to connect people, wealth and processes by technology in a unique way.




algotraderAlgoTrader is an algorithmic trading software system. The company was founded by the CEO Andy Flury in Zurich Switzerland.




yealpYapeal building a new digital bank and we’ll redefine the way people bank.





InstimatchInstimatch Global was founded in 2017. The inspiration for doing so, stemmed from the liquidity crisis in 2007/2008. Our founder witnessed first-hand how the interbank lending and borrowing system broke down and trust between financial institutions disappeared within a matter of days.



AppwayAppway builds software for today, and innovates for the technology of the future. With over 15 years of industry experience, Appway guides the leading financial institutions, both big and small, as they build sustainable and scalable solutions that quickly adapt to changing conditions.



UNBLUUnblu helps the world’s leading banks deliver an in-person experience online. We provide highly secure engagement and collaboration software, enabling banks to enrich the digital experience of their clients.




TINDECOTindeco VISION is our award-winning fully integrated investment management platform. VISION is used by Banks, Family Offices and Fund Managers. VISION CORE Technologies provides Portfolio Administration, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Order Management and Client Relationship Management – making it a comprehensive solution for Asset Managers.



SygnumSygnum is a technology-driven company that empowers financial services for the digital asset economy. It develops an integrated solution to securely issue, store, trade and manage digital assets.




SEBA Crypto AGAt SEBA, we want to build a gateway that facilitates movement of assets between the crypto and traditional financial markets for major financial investors. Our ambition is to be one of the world’s first universal, fully licensed and supervised crypto banks, offering industry leading crypto-asset financial products and services.





Anders als bei anderen Lernplattformen arbeitet fintool.ch bewusst mit Kurzvideos. Da auf der anderen Seite der zu behandelnde Stoff ausgesprochen vielfältig aber auch von immenser Breite ist, sind der Anzahl solcher Videos kaum Grenzen gesetzt. Der Stoff wird fintool.ch nicht ausgehen. Nach Erscheinen werden die einzelnen „Street-Videos“ in sogenannten Wissensgefässen „zusammengebunden“.



nViso provides the most scalable, robust, and accurate cloud service to measure instantaneous emotional reactions of consumers in online environments. We provide real-time and highly actionable information for Market Research, Brands, Creative Agencies and R&D Product Development. Using award winning and proprietary 3D Facial Imaging technology, compatible with ordinary webcams, we uncover the why and how of customer behaviour in real-time, letting brands make smarter business decisions and build more engaging consumer experiences.


moneyland.ch is a Swiss comparison service site helping you with your financial needs. On moneyland.ch, you can use independent comparison tools for insurance, loans, credit cards, bank accounts, consumer credits, interest rates, trading and much more.




123vergleich – the portal for free insurance comparisons, offers and expert advice. 3 steps to the best offer: Compare – Request an offer – Save premiums!





Comparis is a Swiss Internet comparison service. On comparis.ch, consumers can compare rates and services of health insurances, other insurances, banks, telecom providers, property, vehicles and special offers from retailers – quickly and easily.




Ein Financial Explainer ist ein computergenerierter Erklärungsvideo. Mit Hilfe von Ton, Bild und Bewegung werden komplexe Sachverhalte verständlich erklärt. Gerade in der Finanzbranche, wo die Komplexität der Produkte und Dienstleistungen einen hohen Erklärungsbedarf mit sich bringen, kann ein Financial Explainer durch seine “Step by Step” Erzählweise sein ganzes Potenzial entfalten.




Simple, Easy and Usefulness are the three pillars of everything that are innovated at Smartie. A team with impeccable entrepreneurship, courage to put a ding in the universe and humility are some of the characteristics of the team members.




bfox ist ein exklusiver Service der fragguido AG mit Sitz in Bergdietikon. Das 2013 gegründete Unternehmen ist 100% unabhängig und wird von einem Expertenteam geführt.




assetinum.com was founded with the goal of offering investors an independent and useful wealth management portal. Assetinum’s special focus is given to the search function for matching Swiss asset and wealth managers, investment consultants, banks and family offices. Users can easily arrange a meeting with experienced investment experts for free and then decide on a provider of their choice.



FinGuide offers a new service in Swiss Private Banking. So far, private banking customers have been directly acquired by providers, as investors you have been in a passive role. With FinGuide you can take control of yourself without having to spend a lot of effort. The approach: We record your individual needs in detail and show you which banks or asset managers suit you best. FinGuide is available to private individuals with assets available from 500,000 Swiss francs.



TaxLevel «THE NEXT LEVEL IN TAX REPORTING»bieten wir professionelle Dienstleitungen für Unternehmen und Privatpersonen im Themenbereich Steuer Reporting. Unsere Endprodukte unterstützen im Ausland steuerpflichtige juristische oder natürliche Personen.



chaordicChaordic AML and Client Due Diligence Technology





OpenMetrics Solutions LLCOpenMetrics Solutions LLC is a software technology firm with a strong focus on financial engineering. Our core technologies are based on solid academic research at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich).






Monito is a comparison website for international money transfer services. We compare and review more than 450 money transfer operators, to help you find the best option for each of your international transaction.




Top 30 FinTech Startups CashSentinel

CashSentinel is a fintech startup that developed an innovative payment solution, which is at the crossroads of escrow agents and mobile wallets, to facilitate vehicle transactions. CashSentinel’s service has opened in April 2014 in Switzerland.




Mobino is a Swiss company incorporated in Geneva in 2011. Their products are integrated with the existing banking infrastructure, for example through the SEPA system in Europe. A version with prepaid accounts is geared to countries where many citizens cannot access traditional banking services.





CashCloud is a mobile payment system, but relies on a system of stability and security. They aim to create transparency and ensure ease of use, in order not to give rise to the scepticism and distrust which has grown between the people and the banks in recent years regarding mobile payments.





milliPay is a Swiss online payment provider. With their patent-pending technology they firstly enable micropayments: their system is optimized for fast and easy access to paid content, and efficiently processes transaction amounts down to EUR 0.001.




Top 30 FinTech Startups Run my Accounts

After several years of development, the Run my Accounts AG AG was founded in 2008: the Easiest Accounting for SME. And meanwhile run my accounts in Stafa with 25 employees approximately 300 companies in the size of 1 to 220 employees.





SONECT Creating virtual ATMs where users can withdraw cash from any shop that joins the program at over 50% cheaper than the current ATM withdrawal costs.





SmartLinkSmartLink is a mobile wallet services provider, offering white-label mobile transaction platform solutions, contactless transaction capabilities, know-your-customer solutions, and prepaid program management.





billte digitalize paper invoices and to automate the billing chain for small and medium businesses. Since the deal does not end with a bill, we surround the invoices with a wide range of features that are beneficial for both, companies and their customers. By providing Value Added Services, such as bi-directional communication channel, awarding offers, analytics, forecasting, financial support, we help to maintain existing relationships and gain new customers.


SecurionPaySecurionPay, established in 2014 in Switzerland, is a cross-device payment platform that enables businesses accepting online payments in 160 currencies through the checkout translated into 23 languages.




advantage digitalAdvantage Digital, Unlike web wallets and other apps acting as simple clients to web based processes, a true mobile wallet generates and keeps your sensitive data local and never shares/sends it over the internet.




payrexxPayrexx is the first company that has developed an all-in-one cloud-based solution that allows you to accept online payments with payment tools such as Paylink, Virtual POS and One Page Shop without any programming skills.




Byjuno AGKonsumfinanzierungsunternehmen mit Sitz in Zug, lanciert eine neue Bezahllösung und bietet als einziges Unternehmen in der Schweiz alle Dienstleistungen rund um die Zahlungsabwicklung für den Kauf auf Rechnung im E-Commerce sowie am Point of Sale aus einer Hand an. Ziel von Byjuno ist, dem Händler und dessen Kunden, eine effiziente, benutzerfreundliche und unkomplizierte Bezahllösung bereitzustellen.



neonFounded last year, Zurich-based fintech startup Neon offers what is claims to be the first independent basic account offering of Switzerland that’s 100% geared for smartphones.





AximetriaAximetria is a crypto-centric mobile banking of the future.






Wealth Management

True Wealth AG was founded in 2013 as a Swiss corporation. An automated investment solution that is uncompromisingly cost-efficient so that our clients enjoy bigger returns.




With INVESTORY you can trade direct investments like stocks, etfs, futures, foreign currencies, precious metals, and commodities. Collective investments like mutual funds, structured products, and certificates are not available.





Investivity is a boutique investment company dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to the current challenges faced by wealth managers.





Leonteq is vertically integrated and is a leading B-2-B partner for digitisation solutions. They cover the entire value chain of structured investment products from structuring to pricing, documentation, issuance, listing, settlement, risk management, market-making, life-cycle management and distribution.




AMNIS provides small and medium enterprises via an electronic platform access on fair terms for currency exchange and foreign currency payments. Various automated systems and APIs (programming interfaces), it also allow the processes involved in dealing with foreign currency easier.




Blockchain software for asset management. Melonport is building multichain capable software for asset management.






Descartes is a digital Swiss investment advisor bringing together the latest insights in financial theory, leading technology, and successful investment specialists. An easy, low-cost access to strategies and methods of well-known, independent investment specialists, portfolio managers and economists.




mydesq is a swiss startup which provides innovative solutions to wealth managers. We provide a comprehensive workbench which allows wealth managers to do all their daily activities in a single application on their ipad. The application allows wealth managers to truly work from anywhere, anytime and even works fully if there is no internet connectivity. But besides being powerful, the mydesq application has a gorgeous design and can be customised as we believe that each wealth manager is unique.




clever circles is a platform for building and managing your assets. clever circles is a platform for building and managing your assets.



viacVIAC  A 3rd pillar solution that above all creates added value for the customer – not just for the bank.





SelmaSelma makes investing easy like Sunday morning. Start managing your personalized portfolio with Selma, while keeping your risks under control and your goals on track.




evoluteEvolute is a seamlessly integrated platform covering the entire wealth management value chain. Technology, Operations and Compliance services are unified on a single platform which is perfectly synchronized and modular. Evolute’s unique solution combines intelligent technology, sound knowledge, and personal advice in a tailor-made and solution-oriented offering for independent wealth managers and banks.



OnePMONEPM is a cloud-based portfolio management platform (pms) for wealth, asset and fund managers. built upon the newest web technologies it is accessible from anywhere at any time and from any device as long as you are connected to the web.




clearmindsWith our high-quality online investment advisory service, we offer you the ideal solutions for making your personal investment decisions.




3rd eyes

3rd-eyes is the software partner of choice for banks, insurance companies and investment advisers that wish to implement a digital goal based advisory process.




yovaYova is an investment platform that enables you to achieve your financial goals by investing your savings 100% consistent with your values and lifestyle. Topics include renewable energy, electromobility, medical technology, gender equality, human rights and more.




swissborgThe SwissBorg Project aims to revolutionize asset management solutions with a community-centric approach powered by Ethereum. Members will be able to optimize their cryptocurrency holdings with the help of our Cyborg advisors and deep learning algorithms.





vision& is a Swiss based, SRO-regulated asset manager facilitating the access to innovative blockchain investment opportunities, based on professional investment research and integrated into a traditional banking framework.




WealthArcWealthArc is a fintech company leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence support systems to empower independent wealth managers to work more efficiently. Thus, we transform the way they share relevant and understandable information with their clients.

By enriching an efficient asset management tool with an outstanding level of client interaction, WealthArc enables a digital transformation and simplification. It’s pioneering simplicity and revolutionary use of latest technologies finally makes it possible for wealth managers to unlock their full potential and capitalize on the new client experience.

cryptalgoCRYPTALGO is building an institutional, highly secure global cryptocurrency & Security Tokens Secondary Trading and Liquidity Platform that leverages the CRYPTALGO’s Galaxy, a distributed parallel computing connectivity backbone that addresses the fragmented nature of the market by interconnecting multiple crypto and security token exchanges and unifying the disparate API’s, data structures and will utilize the regulatory compliance frameworks for security tokens and their issuing protocols.


tokenestateTokenestate.io is a blockchain-powered real estate investing platform: Invest in international real estate properties from your smartphone with no bank account, no minimum investment size and low transaction fees.




sanostroSanostro offer innovative, forward-looking hedging services to institutional clients willing to outsource certain market timing decisions. Our solutions are custom-tailored according to our client’s needs.



simplewealthSimpleWealth makes investment easy, with secure online banking services and tailored plans, to make money for your future while you live in the moment.




GuruvestGuruvest is the Digital Wealth Management Platform for investing across any asset class and market without the need of changing your broker.




ImmoYouImmoYou ist eine innovative Club Investment Plattform für Wohn- und Gewerbe-Immobilien.




mybrickmyBrick.ch is the first real estate crowdinvesting platform in Western Switzerland. We allow you to invest a reasonable amount into a Swiss property to become an owner and earn rental income.






As a fin-tech venture, Hyposcout has managed to make a name for itself in the digital marketing of mortgages in Switzerland. As an online brokerage platform, Hyposcout AG brings together investors (investors) and real estate owners (borrowers). Private investors, as well as institutional clients from all over the world who want to hedge their investment through a Swiss property and benefit from attractive interest rates, are eligible as investors. On the other hand, capital investors have the opportunity to raise capital at a market-oriented interest rate and provide their Swiss property as collateral.


Casharecashare was founded in January 2008 as a public limited company under Swiss law, has its registered office in Hünenberg (ZG) and is registered in the commercial register of the Canton Zug. They are an approved financial intermediary pursuant to Art. 2, para. 3 of the Swiss Money Laundering Act and are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers AG.



Hypoguide ist eine Aktiengesellschaft mit Sitz in Zürich. Sie wurde im Dezember 2013 von den heutigen Eigentümern gegründet, mit dem Ziel, die Suche und das Vergleichen von Angeboten für die private Liegenschaftsfinanzierung zu vereinfachen.




crowdfundingCROWDLI ist eine Crowdfunding-Plattform zur Vermittlung von Miteigentumsanteilen an Immobilienkapitalanlagen. Bei CROWDLI kannst du mit überschaubaren Investitionsbeträgen erfolgreich in nachhaltige Immobilien investieren und von vierteljährlich ausgezahlten Renditen profitieren.



Hypotheko ist ein Startup aus der Schweiz. Unser Ziel ist es, die Hausfinanzierung so einfach und schnell wie möglich zu machen. Der Einsatz von Technologie und die Nutzung des Internets sind dabei entscheidende Faktoren.




LENDITYLendity provides institutional-grade investment solutions to access marketplace and private debt opportunities across the globe. Lendity monitors platforms and dynamically invests in loans from those with the most attractive risk reward profile, obtaining an optimum diversification of both loans and platforms. Through its infrastructure, Lendity creates streamlined structures for global transactions and simplifies access through the traditional capital market.


creditfolioCreditfolio ist eine seit 2017 aktive Crowdlending-Plattform mit Fokus auf Privatkredite. Die Creditfolio-Plattform ermöglicht Privatpersonen einen Kredit schnell und einfach zu fairen Konditionen aufzunehmen – ganz ohne das Einwirken einer Bank.




Swissquote bietet innovative Lösungen und Analysetools für die unterschiedlichen Kunden-Ansprüche und Bedürfnisse . Auf der Plattform stehen neben verschiedenen Dienstleistungen zum Online Trading auch Lösungen für eForex, ePrivate Banking und eHypotheken zur Verfügung. Die Muttergesellschaft, Swissquote Group Holding AG, ist an der SIX Swiss Exchange kotiert (Symbol SQN).



TradeGear support users in all phases of an investment or trade: security / marketselection, entry criteria, order submission and management and finally exit criteria. Their focus is on mobile and wearable devices.




Grydl Analytics is a startup based in Geneva that specializes in blockchain, Big Data and artificial intelligence technologies. The company provides cryptocurrency investors with an online platform that allows them to find investment opportunities by evaluating different strategies.





Metaco is a software provider specializing in distributed ledgers. The company serves financial institutions, enabling them to exploit blockchain technology.




Based in the Swiss Crypto Valley, SMART VALOR is a blockchain startup set to enable borderless crypto finance. We are building a decentralized marketplace for tokenized alternative investments backed by secure custody for crypto assets.





Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.



Vestr facilitates the creation and life-cycle management of Actively Managed Certificates, a fast and cost-effective way of replacing investment funds.





Hedge is a fintech company developing tools, strategies and products that simplify investing in crypto markets.




Bitcoin suisse agBitcoin Suisse AG is a Swiss-based financial service provider specializing in crypto-assets. It specialize in alternative finances / non-banking assets, outside of the traditional financial system & banking establishment, so called “decentralized finance” or “digital finance”.




quotipQuotip  is a management tool for structured investments and provides wealth managers turnkey access to a holistic array of services in three key areas: product idea generation, request-for-quote, audit/life-cycle-management. Quotip’s undisputed strengths are its machine-learning-based algorithm, its sell-side independency and its full coverage of the value-chain through seamless technology.



GENTWOZurich-based innovative securitization specialist GENTWO has created a new generation of financial products. The innovative financial solutions provider enables institutional clients to securitize not only bankable, but also non-bankable assets with a Swiss ISIN.




LAPO BlockchainLAPO Blockchain brings stability with traditional Swiss expertise in financial services to crypto-assets worldwide.




TokenSuisseTokenSuisse AG (former Coinlab Capital AG) is the leading European provider for Crypto Asset Investment Solutions. As dynamic and innovative Crypto Asset start up, our mission is to provide you with simple & regulated access to the world of Bitcoin and Altcoins.




instimatchInstimatch Global was founded in 2017. The inspiration for doing so, stemmed from the liquidity crisis in 2007/2008. Our founder witnessed first-hand how the interbank lending and borrowing system broke down and trust between financial institutions disappeared within a matter of days.




Top 30 FinTech Startups contovistaContovista is a digital banking software company. They specialized on big data analytics, business intelligence and visualization over financial data. Their product portfolio includes a complete Personal Finance Management (PFM) solution, a Finance Management solution for SMBs as well as a Portfolio Analytics solution.



Financial Life Goals API is a product of SwissFinLab. Offer better investment advice regardless of the level of wealth. Holistic advice based on total wealth and goal-based asset allocation concepts.






Top 30 FinTech Startups QontisQontis AG brings a new user experience to mobile banking and e-banking. Qontis software products provide powerful functionality for all aspects of personal finance. The focus is always on the customer and his view of banking.





ehyveeHyve is a Swiss startup launched in 2017 by two engineers in order to solve the complexity around personal financial data.




gokongGokong, your personal finance assistant. If you control your money, life is great. Manage all your finances in one place.




nummoNummo is a personal financial management platform that empowers you to live better by helping you manage, maintain and improve your financial health.

mimicMiMiC makes your connection smarter, faster and more secure so you instantly realise its full potential.







Incorporated in 2006 and based in Geneva, B-Sharpe is a fintech startup providing currency exchange services at a lower cost – an average saving of 70% compared with traditional exchange services providers. The solution is targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), expats, migrant workers and frontier workers in Switzerland seeking to exchange currencies at a better rate.



Devisenwerk already enjoys a high profile among small and medium-sized companies as well as private individuals. With our platform, you can easily transfer money and always keep track of it. We waive any hidden costs and always show our customers in advance what fees we charge. Currently, we offer our customers 42 currency pairs, covering the most important already.




The New Standard In Usable Authentication Futurae Technologies was founded by ETH Zurich security researchers and offers a strong suite of multi-factor authentication tools that provide a high degree of security and improve the customer experience while protecting the user’s privacy.






Forctis‘ goal is to create a new Blockchain technology for mass adoption and financial inclusion Inspired by the interplay between computational biology, statistical mechanics and the latest thinking in economic theory, we are developing an asset representation model based on a completely new, revolutionary take on the Blockchain.




Mt Pelerin is a Fintech project based in Geneva to launch the first bank to be built on the blockchain in total compliance with the industry’s regulations. More than a crypto bank, it will create an ecosystem bridging the token economy with the legacy world of finance.



ibaniibani.com is a currency exchange and money transfer service with highly competitive rates and zero hidden fees. Through its mobile app and its smart local IBAN system, it enables businesses and individuals to save money quickly and easily on each transaction.






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