Digital Bank radicant Partners With Google Cloud for Scalability and Agility

Digital Bank radicant Partners With Google Cloud for Scalability and Agility

by June 7, 2022

Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank’s (BLKB) digital bank radicant announced that it will be collaborating with Google Cloud.

radicant had recently received a banking license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

The use of the Swiss based Google Cloud enables radicant to take new approaches to design their technology platform.

Through the specific implementation of new technologies, radicant ensures that customers can build a personalised, efficient, and digital banking relationship.

radicant will also benefit from Google’s international know-how and proven technology allowing it to implement the highest standards for latency, security and data privacy for customers in Switzerland.

Additionally, the use of Google Cloud enables radicant to easily scale processes and respond to new customer needs in an agile and new manner.

Google Cloud has been operating its local Swiss cloud region since March 2019 enabling local customers to comply with Swiss standards and regulations for data privacy and security.

Anders Bally

Dr. Anders Bally

“We consider banks and asset managers as data systems, so it is only natural to collaborate with Google Cloud being one of the industry leaders in data analytics and machine learning to help us elevate banking to the next level,”

said Dr. Anders Bally, CEO and Co-founder of radicant.

Roi Tavor

Roi Tavor

“Today, financial institutions have a unique opportunity to create a truly personalized experience for their clients, by leveraging upon a wide range of new technologies and data-driven business models.


As a member of the UN’s “Race to Zero” alliance, we are thrilled to work with radicant in creating the first bank in Switzerland mainly built on Google Cloud and share their vision of a digital bank driven by clear sustainability goals and community principles.”

said Roi Tavor, Head of Financial Services in Switzerland at Google Cloud.


Featured image credit: Edited from Freepik