F10 Set to Tokenise Its Shares on the SIX Digital Exchange

F10 Set to Tokenise Its Shares on the SIX Digital Exchange

by July 13, 2022

Swiss fintech accelerator F10 will issue its shares on the SIX Digital Exchange (SDX), a regulated digital asset exchange and Central Securities Depository (CSD), where shares are tokenised, while the share registry services will be provided by Aequitec, a digital share register and cap table company.

Tokenised private shares are transferrable in the form of dematerialised intermediated securities on the SDX DLT platform according to Swiss law.

With this new partnership approach, financial institutions can move beyond today’s business model of tailor-made, one-by-one private placement, to a sustainable, digitalised, process-driven business.

Expected benefits are increased efficiency and greater liquidity for private markets.

This represents a major step towards enhancing the share registry process for private companies by using blockchain technology.

Massimo Butti

Massimo Butti

Massimo Butti, Head of Equity at SDX,

“The issuance of F10 shares on SDX is the result of the cooperation with different market actors.


It provides a scalable blueprint for other issuers and participants to issue digitised shares and affirms that our private issuance market is open for business”.

Jonathan Seiler, CFO and Senior Investment Manager at F10 said,

“Beyond the clear advantages of managing our share registry and all related processes fully digitally at F10, we believe strongly in the power of collaboration to advance the financial industry.


That’s why we are incredibly excited to be the first issuer of shares for this new innovative offer by our partner SDX and F10 alumni Aequitec”.