New Blockchain Incubation Program in Switzerland: 12 Startups Selected

New Blockchain Incubation Program in Switzerland: 12 Startups Selected

by May 3, 2019

This week, the first edition of the CV Labs Incubation Program has started in the heart of the Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland.

CV VC invests up to $125k in seed funding into the 12 participating early stage blockchain companies in return for 10% equity.

The program is based on five pillars: “Strategy & Team”, “Pitch Deck & Pitch Training”, “Blockchain & Tokenomics”, “Agile Business Excellence” and “Investor-Room Ready”. The startups receive coaching on topics such as finalizing business plans, recruiting the right team, fundraising, marketing and communication strategies and much more.

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The list of the over 70 mentors/experts includes some of the most renowned blockchain pioneers, crypto finance specialists, crypto lawyers and investors, such as Mona El Isa (Melonport), Lili Zhao (Neo Global), Morgan Pierce (Seba Crypto AG), Guenther Dobrauz (PwC Legal) and Sara Simeone (Digital Oracles). All mentors are dedicating time for in-person sessions, workshops and other activities with the incubatees.

12 Startups from all around the world

Out of over 500 applications from all around the world, 12 were selected. They moved to Zug from India, the US, South Africa and various European countries. The program will finish on July 5th.

AdHash, Bulgaria

adhashThe AdHash protocol cuts the dead weight from the digital ad ecosystem to bring efficiency and trust. AdHash rebuilds a real-time bidding framework from ground up, combining first-party ad hosting and unique hash IDs to eliminate majority of ad fraud vectors and deliver transparency & control to advertisers, publishers, users.

Assembl, USA

assemblDemocratizing Science – solving problems that inhibit the advancement of scientific research. Assembl is improving quality and accessibility of scientific data by interconnecting disparate data sources and positively incentivizing data interchange with simple and scalablesoftware solutions.

Sprinter, USA

SprinterSprinter is a decentralized platform connecting a distributed network with the solutions and resources needed to build, grow, and scale technology businesses and accelerate innovation.

CryptoPolice, Latvia

CryptoPoliceA community-based scam identification platform. CryptoPolice is creating a decentralized, scam verification system/application, where people can share identified scams and check the verification process and legitimacy of an approved scam, which regular internet users and company employees are facing in real time.

Orvium, Estonia

OrviumSocial Network for scientific collaboration, funding and publication management. Orvium aligns goals and incentives for all stakeholders in the process.

BHander, Ukraine

BHanderWireless, stand-alone usable multicurrency crypto wallet with payment capabilities combines both wallet and payment solutions, thereby helping to drive adoption of fast and instantly-settled crypto payments in daily life.

Tezsure, USA

TezsureInsurance marketplace, where users can create new insurance policies & products as a group. Tezsure simplifies and aligns goals for participants in the insurance market with the use of AI and smart contracts.

BitFreezer, Ukraine

BitFreezerWorry less, protect your crypto with BitFreezer. BitFreezer makes your smart phone the most secure tool out there to secure your crypto. You can turn your smart fridge into a storage device for keys.

PocketJam, South Africa

PocketJamA platform that incentivizes children to solve (math) problems to earn pocket money. It improves critical thinking, pattern recognition, and problem-solving skills, which were identified by the WEF as the most important skills for kidsto develop.

Ptolemy, USA

PtolemyCrowdsourced encyclopedia that rewards contributors. Crowdsourced encyclopedia platform based on innovative fractional page ownership with revenue share.

Bytes, Switzerland

BytesBlockchain-based last mile Internet connectivity. A platform that enables machines to trade internet access with one another in a distributed fashion.

Kimeo, India

KimeoA video platform where everyone gets rewarded.