Swiss Post and Swisscom Go Blockchain

Swiss Post and Swisscom Go Blockchain

by December 7, 2018

Swiss Post and Swisscom are building a shared infrastructure for blockchain applications as part of an innovation project.

It will provide companies in all industries with easy access to an efficient, secure infrastructure for digital business processes. daura AG, a joint venture of Swisscom and the consultancy firm MME, will be the first application on the blockchain infrastructure to offer its share-issuing service to Swiss SMEs.

daura enables its customers to issue digital shares on the blockchain. Aside from managing the share register, that means SMEs can easily increase capital stock. The advantage for shareholders is the simple peer-to-peer transfer of shares via the daura platform. In further development steps, daura will be connected to stock exchanges, enable dividend payments and be able to process votes at general meetings of shareholders.

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When it comes to treasury shares, the security needs of Swiss SMEs are particularly high. That is why mapping on a Swiss private blockchain is essential.

Peter Schnürer ceo

Peter Schnürer

“With Swiss Post and Swisscom, the blockchain is operated by two partners who are trusted by Swiss SMEs,”

says Peter Schnürer, CEO of daura AG.

“Because the infrastructure also meets banks’ high security requirements, it is the ideal choice for us.”