eBill: Billte Becomes a Network Partner of SIX

eBill: Billte Becomes a Network Partner of SIX

by August 28, 2019

In November 2019, SIX will introduce the network partner model for eBill into the market.

Since the beginning of July, contracts for network partners have been available online for signature. The Fintech startup Billte is the first company to have concluded the respective contract.

eBill is a Swiss solution for digital invoicing and paying invoices which has been integrated directly into the e-banking of over 90 Swiss banks. By implementing the network partner model, SIX opens its eBill infrastructure to all interested entities providing solutions to invoice senders. This will enable business software providers, Fintechs and financial institutions to act as network partners and support their customers in adjusting to the changing demands that accompany digital invoicing and paying invoices.


Billte , a Fintech startup with its registered office in Zurich, specializes in the digitalization of invoicing for companies and consumers and has recently become the first company to conclude the network partner agreement with SIX. This way Billte has placed its bet on the opportunities of eBill and will provide its customers with combined, innovative services all around invoicing.

Andrea Girasole

Andrea Girasole

Andrea Girasole, CEO of Billte, says:

“The aim of our platform is to provide SMEs with a seamless connection to eBill.”

With its network partner model, SIX supports competition and innovation in invoicing.


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