4 Coworking Spaces in Switzerland Made for Fintech and Blockchain Entrepreneurs

4 Coworking Spaces in Switzerland Made for Fintech and Blockchain Entrepreneurs

by April 22, 2019

Whether you are a budding fintech entrepreneur or foreign fintech startup seeking to enter Switzerland’s vibrant fintech scene, coworking spaces are becoming an increasingly popular option.

Home to over 50 coworking spaces, entrepreneurs are spoiled for choice. Having so many options to pick from is often a good thing but it can also lead to choice paralysis.

Top help narrow the choices, we thought it would be useful to list out to our readers the co-working spaces in Switzerland that was built with fintech and blockchain entrepreneurs in mind.


F10 Fintech Coworking Space


F10 Fintech Coworking Space

F10, an incubator and accelerator based in Zurich for fintech, regtech and insurtech startups, opened its coworking space in April 2018

Located in F10’s headquarters in Zurich, the F10 Fintech Coworking Space aims to become the “home of fintech” and extend the vibrant Swiss fintech ecosystem. The coworking space offers work and collaboration space for fintech enthusiasts and counts 60 workplaces on 500 square meters.

F10 regularly host events, inviting key players, enthusiasts and experts from within the Swiss fintech ecosystem.


Trust Square


Trust Square meeting room

Located in the heart of Zurich, Trust Square offers a space for blockchain entrepreneurs, startups, businesses, investors as well as academics and researchers.

Today, more than 350 workstations are located on four floors, spanning 3,500 square meters on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse.

Trust Square is privately funded and run by a team of five founders. The center works closely with ETH Zurich, the Universities of Zurich and Basel, the Universities of Applied Sciences Rapperswil HSR and Lucerne, and the Business and Economic Development Division of the Canton of Zurich.

In June, Trust Square will be hosting the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon which promises to attract some 200 developers, creators and inventors from Switzerland and abroad.





Chainwork is a new center for innovation, creation and collaboration located in the center of Zurich. The coworking and event space, as well as accelerator, aim to facilitate innovation and networking between startups, entrepreneurs, investors and corporates.

The coworking offers customizable office solutions in a supportive environment, providing companies and entrepreneurs a space to work as well as the possibility to connect to each other.

The hub also includes Chainwork Prime, a private members club and an accelerator offering full support for startups on their journey from idea to product.


CV Labs


CV Labs Coworking Space

Located in the town center of Zug, next to the train station, CV Labs provides flexible offices and coworking space where blockchain companies, startups and teams can brainstorm, collaborate and debate.

CV Labs features a total of 210 desks and provides members with 24/7 access, access to CV Labs ecosystem and community, events and meetups, full office services and discounter meeting room rental.

CV Labs also operates a ten-week incubation program which provides selected startups with up to US$125K in investment and mentorship from the most successful and visionary entrepreneurs and experts in the blockchain space.

Honorable Mentions

Impact Hub

Though Impact Hub is not targeted specifically at fintech startups, it is home to Advanon, a popular invoice financing platform.


Bluelion operates both as an accelerator and a co-working space, Deposit Solutions Switzerland was an alumni of its incubation programme.

Featured image credit: Coworking space in Chainwork 



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