Industry 4.0 Impulse Programme: Innosuisse Approves 17 Innovative Projects

Industry 4.0 Impulse Programme: Innosuisse Approves 17 Innovative Projects

by September 13, 2019

The “Manufacturing technologies” impulse programme from Innosuisse aims to promote modern manufacturing technologies as a contribution to the transition of industry into the digital age.

Of the 29 applications for 12-month projects submitted in the second call for projects, Innosuisse has approved 17. The total funding amounts to more than CHF 6 million. In March 2019, Innosuisse already approved 27 projects with a duration of 18 months within the framework of the first call for projects.

The projects received by Innosuisse – the Swiss Innovation Agency cover a broad spectrum of modern manufacturing technologies and the industry 4.0. For example, the use of digital copies of manufacturing processes, so-called “digital twins”, will optimise simulations, planning and process controls in manufacturing plants. Another project will use artificial intelligence to predict the quality of high-end wood products. A third project is intended to enable preventive maintenance work in production by means of a network of sensors.

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The Innovation Council carefully evaluated all project applications and approved the best 17. The funded projects come from all parts of Switzerland, including Ticino and western Switzerland. In ten projects, the research partners come from a university of applied sciences, while in four projects they come from an ETH institution. The federal contribution pledged for all projects totals CHF 6.3 million. The projects last 12 months and start at the beginning of November 2019.

Promoting digitalisation to stay at the forefront

A total of CHF 24 million is available for the “Manufacturing technologies” impulse programme that Innosuisse is implementing as part of the Federal Council’s 2019–2020 action plan to promote digitalisation. The aim of the impulse programme is to support innovation projects at the interface between research and implementation: Swiss companies will work with research institutions to develop new solutions on a digital basis in the industry 4.0 and in modern manufacturing technologies. The approved projects are intended to help Swiss companies achieve competitive advantages such as increased productivity or create new production processes.

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