Key4 by UBS Launches at Swiss Fintech Fair 2020

Key4 by UBS Launches at Swiss Fintech Fair 2020

by September 10, 2020

The Swiss Fintech Fair on the 7th and 8th September this year pivoted to have a fully digital gathering this year due to the COVID-19 situation.

The organizer claimed that approximately 1,000 attendees and 80 exhibitors tuned in to hear from more than 50 speakers during 20 web sessions and 18 keynote videos.

The fair’s main partner UBS had also actively participated with three of their representative speakers talking about bancassurance as well as multibanking. Furthermore they also presented the “Key4 by UBS” which is a new platform for mortgage, home and living.

In addition, the online event platform featured virtual booths, fully digital web sessions and video talks as well as professional networking thanks to an AI-based matchmaking solution. The concept was said to have been embraced by the international fintech community and generated great interest outside of Switzerland.

The fair participants scheduled an average of 5.4 virtual meetings per attendee on both event days. The record-holder is a visitor who chalked up a total of 28 one-on-one meetings. Altogether the platform recorded over 6,000 of such interactions claiming that there were minimal tech issues faced.