Podcast: Swiss FinTech Fair Founder Interviews

Podcast: Swiss FinTech Fair Founder Interviews

by November 5, 2019

This is a podcast interview by Voice of Fintech with Christina Kehl, co-founder & Managing Director at Swiss Finance Startups. Voice of Fintech talks about the Swiss Finance Startups association goals, the need to “bring Bern to Zurich” to provide the best possible conditions for Swiss startups.

Christina Kehl and her team organize a yearly Swiss FinTech Fair in Zurich.

At the Swiss Fintech Fair, the podcast also talks briefly to Julia Holzgreve, from Keen Innovation, innovation ecosystem builder for Bank Cler and Basler Kantonalbank, why she is a believer in open innovation and with Matthias Kribbel, from Tradeplus 24, about SMEs using receivables as security for credits.

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Finally, Voice of Fintech also talks with Christina Reuther about the Fintech News Network and what you can expect to find there.